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‘Stand by you’ preview

Here’s a higher quality version of the song; a 1:23 preview. The song sounds quite nice, and I still stand by what I said in my previous post which I cbb editting, but on top of that, I think it’s a bit ‘forgettable’, if you get my drift? It’s just not one of those songs which you’ll listen to and have it sticking in your head for awhile. I’m not talking about catchy songs, because that’s obviously not what DBSK is aiming for in this song. Even with their previous sad ballad, ‘Doushite…’, it was able to just keep playing over and over again in my head. Anyway, here’s the preview, I shan’t keep you with my blabbering – that is, if you even read it ^^”.

[Video credit: Tyamicky]


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Super Junior - Birds Nest Concert

It’s tomorrow! Asd;lfksjd;lkfjs, I can’t wait :DDD. I hope there’ll be fancams of the boys; apparently the cheaper tickets have all been sold out.

[[Ticket Prices: 1680 VIP, 1280, 980, 780, 580, 380, 180]]

My day will only get better if SM for some reason announces that he’ll release a dvd of SJM’s HK concert from last year. Omg, I WILL BUY ♥♥♥♥.

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It’s not terribly good quality, but if you want, here’s a preview of their single, ‘Stand by you’. I guess it’s kind of due to the low quality of the audio, but did anyone else find the song sounding kind of similar to western music? I kind of got that feel from the song. I like it though :).

[Video credit: ikemenjae2]

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This kid is too cute ♥! He sings Mirotic, some song I don’t know of, do-re-mi by DBSK, and then Survivor LOOOOL. So adorable <33. See the awesomeness that DBSK is; even four year old boys like them ♥♥♥♥.

[Video credit: Saori789]

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Basically, it’s about what the four members feel about their relationship after coming on the show. SJ is so much love <333.

[Video credit: sjworldnet]

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Ok, having gotten over the fact that they’re in HK right now and that I’m not there…YEESSSSSS SJM IS IN HK OMGAS;KLDJFKLSDJ;A! ^^;; I’m such a strange person. This video isn’t English subbed, but watch it for the sake of seeing SJM again, yeah? :DDD

[Video credit: fampar]

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