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I MISS HENMI SO MUCH <3333. Rofl, I love how Henry tried to be taller than Kyu while Hannie was talking XD. And I nearly died when I heard Mi’s voice; gosh I’ve really missed him ;___;. Siwon’s faily Mandarin is hilarious, so I just have to translate his part. WORD FOR WORD.

“If…if there weren’t your [fans] support, uh…we wouldn’t have…(LOOOL, Siwon whatever happened to your Chinese? XD), so really grateful for your support. Hope you guys enjoy our…(insert hand gesture rofl) third album ‘Sorry Sorry’. Thank You.”

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SS501 to release solo songs

How awesome is that?! I almost screamed out loud when I read this news, that’s how much I’ve missed all five of them singing.

5-member idol group SS501 goes into a different challenge.

SS501 Kim HyunJoong, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Kim HyungJoon and Park JungMin, these 5 members will each record their solo songs and a special album is expected to be released in mid-May with a total of 5 songs.

There are instances that in new albums released by other popular idol group, they may have included solo songs by some of their members, however it is rare that the album is made up entirely of solo songs by each member of the group.

On SS501’s part, they also have high expectations for this album.
SS501’s company DSP Media said on 23-Apr “SS501 will release their new official album in about July. On this note, they prepared this album with the special meaning of rewarding the fans who have supported them during this period when Kim HyunJoong acted for drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, activities for SS501 unit made up of Kim KyuJong Heo YoungSaeng Kim HyungJoon and Park Jungmin in musical.”

In addition, he expressed his confidence “Through this album, you will be able to feel the diversity and charms of each of the 5 members of SS501 at the same time.

Meanwhile, SS501 will have a Korea-Japan joint fan meeting in Jeju island for 2 days 1 night from 02-May.

Credits : starnews + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

I’m guessing that it’ll be in Korean, since they said they’re already releasing a Japanese album sometime soon.

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