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Gahhhh, love the boys and gals ^^.

Credit: prot0530

As;dlfjkas;ldkfjas;ldkj Kyu, chase after me now omggggggg. How cute was he in the mv? I REPEAT. HOW CUTE WAS HE? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Magnae couple ftw ♥♥.

Aww, this was such a sweet mv. Please excuse me while I go and re-watch it yet again :P.

I dislike the fact Yesung and Eunhyuk got next to zero screentime :(.

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In which Sungmin reveals why Sunny is not a celebrity in his eyes and Sunny retaliates, exposing Sungmin’s foot odour. XDDDDDDD

Sunny cuts; credit: toebeast

Sungmin cuts; credit: ferugamo13

I’m tired, so no spazzing from me. Except….oh Ming ♥. He’s so cute and pretty; I need to squish him quite badly ><.

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As;dlkfjas;kldjf Yongsaeng dances to ‘Gee’! :DDDDDD Hahaha, I still remember the time he danced to this song at their fanmeeting ^^. Yongsaengie is too adorable. He likes his girl groups and isn’t afraid to confess it XD.

I love how he’s constantly looking over at Jessica to prompt his memory, since he doesn’t remember the dance steps. Omgsh, CUTIE ♥!

Credit: marvie0701

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AS;LDKFJAS;LDKJFLAS;KDJF;LKSAJ OMGGGGGGGGGGGG *____________*. I cannot, ABSOLUTELY CANNOT get over Kyu’s “Ohhh yes”  XDDDDDDDDDDDDD. It was like he was fully waiting for his part throughout Henry’s speech. BOY IS TOO CUTE *O*. Lol, I’ll just keep replaying that part <333.

Besides that, Henry’s English is gorgeous *___*. I’ve never heard him speak so much English before <3.

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Yesung,Yesung,Taeyeon,Taeyeon,Super Junior,SNSD

Ngl, I almost died when I saw this photo *_______*. It looks like Yesung is ‘protecting’ Taeyeon from the angle of the photo ^^. And apparently the coats belong to Hyuk and Ming, since Taeyeon was sick. How insanely sweet are the boys?! Actually, I think I’ve died, the photo makes me feel so proud and filled with love for the boys. Why does such a simple gesture make me feel like this?? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

::EDIT:: The coats actually belong to Ming and Heechul. Not Hyuk.

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Credit: MyOvia

– These boys look  HOT.
– I love the rap interlude! ♥♥ Hyuk rapping never fails to amaze me.
– They’ve definitely got the dance choreography down to pat XDD. Loving all the shots of the girls waving and cracking up enjoying the performance.
– Dance break! Why am I not surprised the boys would do something like that?





– Oh my, there’s even Sorry Sorry choreography incorporated?!

I love these boys too much.

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I posted this on my private blog just to let my friends have an insight as to how exciting Kpop can be. Except I think I may have freaked them out instead ;__;.

So, you know you’ve lost your life you’re a Kpop fanatic if:

1. you immediately think of SJ’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ when people apologise repeatedly.
2. ‘omg’ reminds you of SNSD’s ‘Gee’.
3. ‘Tell Me’, ‘So Hot’ and ‘Nobody’ are totally hilarious (This happened to me the other day ;~;. My brother: Tell me why is the car so hot? Me: ‘cos nobody parked it in the garage. Yeah…>___>)
4. ‘It’s you’ makes you think of ‘neo-ra-go~’
5. you understand what I mean by ‘study study study, I hate you’ (you know it’s got something to do with SJH ;D)
6. the phrase ‘Again & again’ is somehow linked to 2pm.
7. you singing ‘I don’t care’ bothers your mum ‘cos she thinks you really don’t care, except it’s just really because 2NE1 sings it and the song is stuck in your head.
8. you know what 8282 means.
9. ‘Hi ya ya’ is totally copyrighted by DBSK.
10. the word ‘Noona’ makes you think of SHINee.
11. Erotic is almost the same as ‘Mirotic’.
12. you have the urge to sing “I’m sorry you’ve got the wrong number~” to a person who’s uh…dialled the wrong number XDD.
13. the number thirteen is actually a lucky number.
14. you love DBSJ.
15. you know ‘Only 13’ supporters need some therapy, quick.
16. your genie is none other than SNSD.
17. you know that ‘U R Man’ = ‘UR Man’.
18. you laugh at Konglish.
19. ‘OK’ reminds you of Hyori
20. = DBSJ <33.
21. ….’press the reset, press press the reset~’ :D
22. you know pelvic thrusts are beyond awesome.
23. the phrase ‘just like that’ makes you think of SJ’s ‘Monster’.
24. you think “You’re my melody” is extremely cheesy, but you love it ‘cos of DBSK.
25. you know that at the age of 25, you’re old in Kpop idol biz (there are exceptions, of course *coughLeeteukcough*)
26. you love it when your idols sing in English, no matter how poor the pronounciation is.
27. ‘Hug’ international version is the only version you understand.
28. 99% of your music collection is made up of Korean music.
29. SNSJ’s cover of ‘Way back into love’ is 9389764261x >>> than the original (ok, so I’m biased).
30. you have picked up Korean ‘cos you want to be able to communicate with your idols one day. OR
31. you would love to pick up Korean, but you just cbb. You’ll just talk to Kibum/Henry/Yoochun/Jaebum/Taecyeon/Yoobin that doesn’t apply now since all WG members can speak English/Tiffany/Jessica or Han Geng/Zhou Mi, depending on the language you prefer :D.

Yeah, my bias made it to the list quite a lot XDDD. The list was just for fun; I know not all these apply to every single fan.

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