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I’m feeling horribly depressed DD:. Once again, THERE WAS NO KIBUM. Is that even a shock anymore? I had half expected him to be at this performance, since he had turned up when SuJu went to Bangkok, but obviously, he was a no show once again. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s locked up in his dorm by SME rather than being ‘busy’ with his acting classes =/.

The boys were really cute in the waiting room though ^^. Hahah, love the mask Shindong has xD. But awwww, the camera missed Hae’s crotch grab. I wonder if that’s a good or bad thing XP. And the lights seem to be getting better, or I’m just getting more used to it. Idk, they don’t seem to be so epileptic fit inducing anymore.

Still feeling a tad disappointed that Kibum wasn’t there. I was looking forward to it so much that I spent my past hour refreshing CodeAnalysis‘ channel for this performance. I’m sad, I know. (Ohhh, the pun!)


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LIKE OMG, CAN I SAY HOT? *__________* -fans self- I love their dance, I love their dance, I LOVE THEIR DANCE :Q____________! But why black&white again? DD: And gosh, the camerawork…I wanted to snatch it and zoom in as much as possible to the boys. All that zooming out and FULLY CUTTING RYEOWOOK’S PART AT 0:45 >:(..I should just be grateful for this mv, shouldn’t I? ^^;;

[Video credit: smentertainment] Hmmm, I wonder if this is the SME…>__>

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