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I’m really only digging Yongsaeng’s colour photo. Idk, Leader and Kyu look…weird ://. I do like their black and white ones though.

Gosh, Yongsaeng looks gorgeoussss *-*. And Leader looks really smexed up in the b&w photos ♥. Kyu has better hair much, much better hair in the b&w photos ^^. Really, who decided to give him that gelled hair ‘geek’ look? D;

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Sorry, but this had to be done…


Seriously though, can the Hong Kong media get any more rating-hungry? Ugh, just the tone of the narrator makes me want to puke. Her last line is point blank suggesting the boys are going off to ‘do something’ with the girls…I’m sorry, but a series of footage compiled together to make a rumour just doesn’t cut it. HK, get better at the evidence please. If friends going of having fun equates to dirty business, then I really don’t know what the HK media makes of Hollywood. Really.

Although, it’d be nice if YS decides to quit smoking. He has a rather nice voice so…just a thought. The narrator doesn’t seem too fussed with that fact though. Rather, him scratching his lower body part has caught her attention.

Credit: v6inokenq

PS. If you mute the video, doesn’t the clip just look all innocent and completely unlike what the narrator seems to be making of the situation?

Ok, end rant.

Have you heard? Baby’s going to be acting in a drama! Read article here. Asdlkfja;dskfj! Looking forward to hearing more about this drama :D!

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Despite the ‘Wuss Up’, I think I prefer Kyu’s song over this one. I dunno, that one sounds..catchier? Can’t really judge too much now anyway, not with only a 1 minute teaser.

Hyunjoong’s eyeliner looks 10x better though :D.

Credit: hoonfami

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Once again, fangirls are able to prove themselves as stalkers :P. Err, not that the photos were taken by fangirls or anything >__>.


In the bag:

→ Samsung Anycall’s Haptic mobile phone
→ A pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses
→ Kiehls Lip Balm
→ KRW 10,000 in his wallet
→ A folded t-shirt
→ 80 GB iPod touch

LOL what?! Leader only has $10.70 (AUSD) in his wallet? XDD Compare this to his branded items x).

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They’re both on the cover of the May issue of Korea’s Asta TV magazine. Well, it’s not only HyunJoong, the SS501 members are there too. Gosh, they both look really good *____*. If you had a choice, which one would you buy?

SS501 Lee Minho

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Hyunjoong’s hair


Spam post just for HyunJoong. Purely because he looks ultra sexy in his new hair cut. I never used to understand why people say he’s so hot, but after looking at this pic, I’ve got to agree. VERY SMEXY. He still looks really tired though :/.


Photos taken from here.

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Even though I’m not much of a Kara fan, I thought it was rather cute of the girls to support HyunJoong. Plus, Nicole is really growing on me :). DSP love <333.
Han Seungyeon = Kim Hyunjoong’s Manners + Koo Junpyo’s Looks

“Hyunjoong Oppa’s manners and the way he spends his heart makes him the ideal type for all girls. However, lately Koo Junpyo-like looks have slowly caught my eye.”

Park Gyuri = Kim Hyunjoong’s Looks and Heart

“SS501’s leader Kim Hyunjoong Oppa is the best. Whether it’s his appearance or his personality, it’s all so handsome. I’m definitely not being biased just because we’re from the same company. Haha”

Nicole = Kim Bum’s Personality

“In the drama Kim Bum seemed so handsome and his personality was so great, too. In fact, although his personality is even better than his looks, I think both are so good for him.”

Koo Hara = Koo Junpyo’s Looks and Personality

“Not long ago when we went to see Hyunjoong Oppa at the filming site, Koo Junpyo, no Lee Minho was kind enough to let me take a picture of him. He’s even more handsome and kind in real life.”

Kang Jiyoung = Kim Hyunjoong

“(KHJ) himself was full of hurt, and yet he was concerned for Geum Jandi and Koo Junpyo. His warm heart that cared for others was so handsome.”

Found this over on Kpop Jjang.

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