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A;DLKFJAD;SLFJA;LDSKJFA;LDKJ, IT IS JUST TOO FULL OF CRACK :DDDDD!! I love how the SuJu boys are always so high and adorkable and just so childish in general ♥♥♥♥♥. My heart is bursting with love for them ^^;;.

It’s kind of sad, since vinchenzo29’s youtube channel got suspended, it had so many SGB episodes with English subs T___T! Buuuut, it’s ok, since she (he?) now has a wordpress account :). AND IT HAS EP. 50 OF WGM ♥!♥!♥!♥!

Click here to watch cracktastic!SJ on WGM :DDD!

It’s the first three parts of the episode :).

You know, I never realised Ryeowook spoke so much ^^ see my bias showing? XD. But WOW, I hear his voice a lot and the cameraman seems to like him; he’s always on screen :). Gosh, I love these boys to bits ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.


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Am I like the only person who has not watched this before? ^^;; The boys are so adorably lost. I want to take Hyuk home and babysit my brother lol. Can anyone be more awkward than him at holding a baby XD? And then one of the babies start crying when he sees Teukie’s face ;). I love these boys so much <33. Poor Alex, he didn’t get any babysitters; he gained two more babies ROFL.

[Video credit: gomdoriii]

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WELL HELLO THERE, WHAT DO WE HAVE?! XD I think the fact that SuJu whipped out their phones/cameras amuses me more ;D. But the two of them look very cute indeed. Yunji…she’s so pretty *__*.

Kangin&Yunji KISS :D

And OMG, SIHYUK? LOLOLOL! Siwon is indeed the king of expressions. He looks so reluctant; LOOK AT HIS CRINGING FACE XDDD. Is that Yesung in the second photo, with the back of his head to the camera? Someone is looking terribly interested to see if their lips touch ;). Teuk just looks too amused and Yunji…she seems very wary of what may happen xP.

SiHyuk? EunWon?

Photo credit: seoulbeats

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DBSK LOL at Hyungdon bowing to DBSK :D:D. The boys are so cute; note Changmin’s huge smile when Hyungdon says ‘what’ in English ^__^. Jae’s arms are so buff omgsh, Yoochun is so terribly smart at sucking up to Hyungdon, and gosh, they’re all just too adorable ♥♥. And I keep on seeing Yesung appearing on camera; is he being a camwhore again? XDD

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