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SBS Incheon Special: SS501

They perform ‘UR Man’ and ‘The One’ here. ‘UR Man’ is still my absolute favourite from them :). It’s such a catchy song and I love the dance choreography ♥♥. The ‘brushing shoulder’ part at 1:08 remains my favourite part of their dance; I don’t know why I love it so much ♥______♥.

Ahhh, YongSaeng at 0:33 runs into the back up dancers XDDD! I don’t understand why people say he’s the ‘ugly duckling’ of the group; I actually find him quite good looking ^^. I’m not so sure about HyungJun’s hair in this performance though =/. I’m not really liking the fringe gelled to the middle of his forehead. But I can’t deny the fact that he’s still very handsome. And KyuJong *___*, so hot!♥

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Junsu’s twin Junho recently filmed an ad for a drink (Idk really ^^;;) and here’s the fruit of his labour :D.

He’s quite muscle-y, which I think is what makes so many girls drool over him XD, but they’re not really my cup of tea. I’m a non-muscles type of girl ^^.


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Sungmin’s cyworld photos

How can he look cuter (and prettier!) than the little girl? ♥____♥!


lOL, the girl looks like she doesn’t really want to be there. No worries, I can take her place as well as countless other fans :D.

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Family Outing Subbers

For those who extremely enjoy this wonderful Korean variety show, here are the subbing teams who bring to us this hilarious show with ENGLISH subtitles :).

Ramen Soup Subbing Team (they have a youtube account)


Family Outing Project Subbing Squad (FOPSS) (formerly known as FO Fansubs)

Just trying to spread the Family Outing love ;D.

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KyuWook :)

From the looks of this photo, it was probably taken when SJM was travelling between Korea and China.


So cute *______*! ♥♥ They’re both such posers ;D. Ahh, the eternal magnae with the magnae :):). This just makes what Ryeowook said in his Don’t Don relay talk seem a bit unbelievable. I know that the boys won’t always get along and they’ll have arguements and such, but from this photo, they look so loving! I can’t seem to believe the two of them disagreeing with each other after looking at this.

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After watching this video, it really makes me wonder why I preferred SS501’s dance over SuJu’s ^^;;.

Ahh, Teukie looks sick :(.

Minnie’s ponytail ♥____♥. LOL at the way it wiggles when he shakes his head XD! Once again, I realise why I love SuJu so much; they’re too adorable for words. And the amount of effort they put into everything – in this case the dance battle – is just so apparent. I know Eunhyuk is known as the ‘dance machine’ of SuJu and that Shindong is a great dancer, but sometimes I think the others get overshadowed by the ‘best dancers’ of the group. ‘Cos Sungmin and Leeteuk sure are great in this particular dance *_____*.

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