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Hehe, I saw this over on KpopJjang, and thought it was interesting :D.

1. YoonA (SNSD)
2. Tae Yang (Big Bang)
3. Xiah Kim Junsu (DBSK)
4. Tiffany (SNSD)
5. Daesung (Big Bang)
6. Nich Khun (2PM)
7. Sun Ye (Wonder Girls)
8. Kang In (Super Junior)
9. TaeMiN (SHINee)
10. Jo Kwon (2AM)

Personally, I really like Jaejoong’s eyes. They’re so intense and…seductive XDD.

What do you think?


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Firstly, before I watched the video, I was wondering what all the hype was about regarding the boys singing really well without music. My thought was that they’re singers, so obviously they’d at least have a decent voice. BOY WAS I WRONG. They sound so beautiful, so utterly heart melting; words can’t describe what I’m feeling right now.

[Video credit: joongbolove]

Their voices are so much love <33.

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Teukie :)

A;DLKFJS;LKFJAKDFJ, how totally cute is he? I think some netizens are reading too much into this though. It seems that he’s just being playful and pulling a funny face, that’s all :). And lol, is that JoKwon from 2am doing the ‘Sorry Sorry’ dance?

Here’s a video of the incident. Is that the 2am boys I see bowing to Teukie? ^^ I love how Yesung attempts to cam-whore, but fails XD. And then smiling so widely when JoKwon (I think..^^;;) dances a bit of the ‘Sorry Sorry’ choreography. Love love LOVE seeing Heechul ‘strangling’ Hongki! <333 But Hannie’s all alone at the back with the rest of SuJu XDDD.

[GIF source: allkpop] || [Video credit: kami0524]

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