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Changmin has a dirty mind

I don’t think I need to say anything XD. Minnie has er…grown up lol. And Leader just makes it more cracktastic with his attempt to cover up Min’s hormone-kick-in action. YunJae are such a couple; they’re admonishing Changmin as if he’s really their son XD;.

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I found this on sharingyoochun and thought it was hilarious :DD. I really love YunJae’s choice for Junsu ♥♥♥♥♥.

A- Junsu likes Sanji.
Sanji is the cook of the team and his main weakness and also obsession are: Women!! Sanji nevers fights with his hands coz he wants to protect them. His left eye is always hidden behing his hair. Junsu said that he likes his name, but “sanji” in japanese means “3 hours” so i don’t know what that means to our little dolphin.


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Ryeowook is manly


I don’t know, why does it seem like he’s looking manlier than usual in this photo? More manly than cute, that is, not because he normally looks like a girl or anything xD.

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SAY WHAT?!!! I never knew their fan meet on JeJu island would include the boys serving the OMG LUCKY fans on the plane. HIIII, COME TO AUSTRALIA WOULD YA? XD Look HyunJoong, even your co-star LEE MINHO thinks Sydney is cool ;).

Five-man idol group SS501’s upcoming fan meeting that’s open to all fans caused a race to snatch up the seats.

SS501’s agency, DSP, revealed, “There’ll be an activity that lets fans travel together with SS501 in early May, and as Japanese and Korean fans are taking part, the response has been overwhelming. As such, the initial number of vacancies for 2 planes isn’t enough, and a third plane has been added.” In addition, “These 3 planes are chartered specially for the fans and SS501.”

Initially, the airline’s itinerary was for 2 planes to carry the fans and SS501 from Gimpo to Jeju or from Busan to Jeju, with SS501 serving the fans personally on board. But as the seats were snatched up in 2 hours, a response that was unexpected, so with the support of the airline, we’ve added another flight from Gimpo to Jeju for this activity.”

DSP also mentioned “SS501 is thankful for the support of the fans and is looking forward to having fun at the fan meeting. They’ll also work hard to show their best, to reciprocate the fans.”

After arriving at Jeju Island on 2nd May, SS501 will carry out a 2 days 1 night event with the fans. The event will be held at Jeju Island’s convention centre, and accommodations are currently booked for KAL hotel. There’ll also be a garden party and various other activities held with the fans.

In mid-May, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Kyu Jong, Heo Young Saeng and Park Jung Min, the 5 members of SS501 will release a special project album.

Credits: newsen.com + Julieann @ hyunjoongchina.com + (english translation) SS5014ever @ quainte501.com


Am currently dying of jealousy. Where do the fans get their money from? T___T

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Kibummie, we miss you

I saw this video over on LAEC and made me realise just how much I miss Kibum. Gosh, it really reminded me of their Fullhouse days for some reason. Kibum, come back with SJ’s second song?

[Video credit: eternalove4suju]

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