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DBSK ‘Share the World’ mv

Saw this over on spazzes and can’t resist giving my two cents of the mv.

Firstly, I seriously think DBSK should just stop producing so much music in Japan this second. It’s as if they’re on a roll and can’t stop, except to me, it seems the quality of their music is just going down and down and down. SM/Avex may be taking advantage of the fact that the boys are quite popular in Japan right now, but if producing more songs comes at the cost of the quality of the songs, I think they should just stop. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate DBSK nor their music, but lately, it seems like it’s just producing singles/albums and chucking it out to the Japanese market and hope that their promotions will aid them a lot. Because that sure seems like it to me. What happened to the singing quality of the songs? The reason I fell in love with these boys was largely due to their ‘T’ album winning me over. But for some reason, I felt really disappointed when I heard their ‘The Secret Code’ album. Not only did it have regurgitations of their previously released Japanese singles, the new songs failed to ‘wow’ me over the way their previous works did. I love DBSK and fully support their work, but I sincerely hope that there’ll be more considerations put into their future works. That being said, I know the boys don’t have control over when they release albums and such.

Anyway, I ranted slightly ^^;;, but here’s their newest mv.

[Video credit: DBxToho]

Personally, I think it lacks the ‘oomph’ I feel they have in their previous works, especially so in their Korean songs. What do you guys think?


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