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Dubu loves Kim So Eun


Onew, why do you do this to me? DDDD; iluiluiluiluILUSSM *_________________*.

Onew & Kim So Eun - Clride.n Photoshoot

So yeah, Onew and KSE posing for Clride.n and their autumn collection. The rest of the photoshoot will be released later.



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Remember the 36 second teaser? Samsung has now released the full CF, which is in the form of a music video. And OMG, BRAIN IMPLOSION. So much SoEul love <3333! I swear, if they ever star in a drama together and are a couple, I WILL WATCH IT. No matter how boring the rest of the drama is. Because they are so worth it *__*.

I love Ga Eul’s ‘magic trick’ with the phone :). And at the end when she saw Ee Jung had photos of her on his phone; :DDDDD! Gosh, the PD’s evil; HE DIDN’T LET PEOPLE SEE THE TWO OF THEM KISS. ‘Cos they so did. We couldn’t see it ;D.

[Video credit: wondersmurf]

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They are so cute *______*. So couple-y and compatible and all sorts of gooey stuff which makes us fans go ‘awwwww’. Hee :). But So Eun doesn’t seem like she wants to be together with Kim Bum in the CF..? :(And LOLOL, Boom is in the CF too?! Hahahah! Just…watch ^^.

[Video credit: wondersmurf]

I can’t wait for part 2!

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Awwwwww, this picture is so sweet ^^. I really miss BOF; gotta catch up on it soon :).

Ee Jung-Ga Eul

Photo credit: allkpop

Asd;flkdsjlf;sj! Love SoEul couple <33.

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There’s no subtitles, but still well worth the watch :)

I have a complaint. WHY DIDN’T HYUNJOONG GET TO PLAY THE VIOLIN IN THE SCENE AIRED? Despite going slightly off tune, the PD could still have used his actual playing :(. After all the practicing he went through too.

Minho cracked me up with his cough ^^. What a way to ng lOL.


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A 21 second CF of Kim So Eun and Kibum back in 2005. So Eun is trying to discretely give her phone number to Kibum by ‘talking’ on her phone  XD. Except it kind of fails when she suddenly receives a text message.

So cute ♥♥! And Kibum *_____*! I love his smile ♥♥♥.

And according to coolsmurf, Kim So Eun and Kim Bum are good friends and classmates at Chung-Ang University. AND MAJORING IN FILM STUDIES TOGETHER ♥___________♥.

My OTP actually friends in real life? ♥♥ I’m a very happy fangirl ^^.

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