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Geng looks really ordinary here, which is what I love most about these photos. It’s nice to see him without all the makeup and gelled hair ^^.

The glasses really make him look like a nerd. ‘Super Girl’ mv, anyone? XD

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Siwon,Hankyung,Ryeowook,Super Junior

Siwon,Hankyung,Ryeowook,Super Junior Super Junior,Ryeowook,Siwon,Hankyung

Credit as tagged.

A bit miffed at the apparent PSed look of the photos, but the HanWook heart has me going all oogly eyed XDDD. The SiHan one is too cute ^^.

I love Ryeowook in glasses ♥.

PS. Omgsh SuShow II is on tonight! ♥♥♥♥♥ Fancams come my way! ;DD

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Another reason to add to my growing list of ‘Reasons why I love HanChul’.


For some reason, I find Heechul’s shoulders super broad here o___o. BUT. That accents on his manliness, right? This boy – I have such mixed feelings for him. He’s so witty and random, but sometimes, his actions are just too weird and out there. The boys look super happy here. I wonder what Heechul’s pointing at.

Hahaha, I just realised, you catch a glimpse of !lostHyukkie and a bit of :DDD/Sungmin ^^.

Is anyone able to clarify when this is from? I’m assuming that it’s either the boys arriving at Taiwan or leaving (leaning more to the leaving side, since Hyuk is all ;_;).

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–am still spluttering–

Oh gosh, he touched her chest. GENG TOUCHED HER CHEST.

Teuk’s ‘NOOO~’.

ShinHyuk’s reactions.


Credit: SoopieSan


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Honestly, I felt slightly just like a stalker when I saw these photos. But then again, that’s a fangirl’s speciality xD.

Siwon carries around their Sorry Sorry CD?! ILUSM SIWON <33. And looool, Min and his yellow DS. I swear I once saw him playing on a pink one..was it in their backstage Super Concert special?

Siwon & Sungmin

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I-I don’t think it’s actually the whole group T___T. Do I sound like an utter pervert? But still, EYE CANYYYYYYYY! Even if it’s not exactly close ups ^^;;


I think this is during the time they were in Thailand filming a Pepsi CF. But where are the others? I want to say naked!Wookie, Kyuhyun and Henry too ;).

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Just out of curiousity, which member’s voice stood out to you the first time you listened to SuJu’s songs? Considering there’s thirteen members in the group, I just thought this would be interesting to know ^^. For me, I got to know SuJu through SuJu Fullhouse, and when I first listened to ‘U’, Kangin’s voice really stood out to me. However, when I heard ‘Haengbok’, Ryeowook’s voice was just too distinctive :). So I’d say the order (roughly) for me would be:

1. Kangin
2. Ryeowook (I LOVE his voice!♥)
3. Eunhyuk (since he’s the main rapper; I fell in love with his rapping *__*!)
4. Sungmin
5. Donghae
6. Kibum (the other rapper ^^;;)
7. Yesung (a lovely, breathy voice – who can not love it?)
8. Kyuhyun (such a heart melting voice ♥♥)
9. Leeteuk
10. Shindong (the last rapper :))
11. Siwon
12. Heechul
13. Hankyung (only ‘cos he didn’t have many lines in songs)

So yeah, what about other fans of SuJu? Whose voice stood out to you right from the beginning?

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