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In which Kyuhyun shows off his math skills. Oh Kyu bb, how I love you ♥.

Credit: dkpopnews11

Our resident SJ math genius looked so upset that he was off the correct answer by one. Kyu, come to me and I’ll hug you until you feel better :D.

He must be exceptionally good at maths though, considering the speed at which the numbers were shown. Ooh, I love the “Super Jr. & SHINee/Starking” on the upper right corner. Pause at 0:26 at to see his triumphant smile. Have I said how much I love this guy? I love you so much, Kyu ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.


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In which Sungmin reveals why Sunny is not a celebrity in his eyes and Sunny retaliates, exposing Sungmin’s foot odour. XDDDDDDD

Sunny cuts; credit: toebeast

Sungmin cuts; credit: ferugamo13

I’m tired, so no spazzing from me. Except….oh Ming ♥. He’s so cute and pretty; I need to squish him quite badly ><.

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OMG. Omgomgomg. These guys are just…OMG. I really need to go watch  more SHINee guesting on variety shows. Because OMG THEY’RE FREAKING HILARIOUS.

Lol at KHD’s favouritism. He almost squished Taemin, and then carried him with one arm back to his seat. ♥♥

Credit: Tessieloves1

Onew having a ‘seizure’ on the floor. And then Key getting up and pushing Minho back into ‘danger’. As’ldkfjasldkfj these guys. THEY’RE DORKS, THEY ARE.

And the whole boxing with words (lmao, I just made that up XD. I’ve no idea what to call it) is so precious ♥. Like Taemin insinuating that Minho is old. ROFLMAO. And Hyuk being called the manager. Asdlkfjaslk;dfj this is just too much. I love these boys so hard ♥♥♥♥♥.

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Asd;lfkjasd;lfkja;lsdkjfa;lskdj! LEADER-SSHII IS HONESTLY TOO FAILY ♥♥♥♥♥. He warms up his lips by blowing air through them (does that make sense?? ^^;;) and then proceeds onto the Leeteuk crack we all know and love. AND THEN. With the ‘wish’ tongue twister..oh gosh, HE BURSTS INTO A RENDITION OF ‘WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS’ XDDDDDDD;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;. Teukie, why so adorkable????? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Credit: eeunhee

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These boys are so damn special ♥. Jungmo’s version of ‘I don’t care’ is pure awesome, you hear? Gosh, that boy is really too talented. And the students, lmao. I love how the boys look so excited XDD.

Sungmin’s rocking the pink guitar! I’m not exactly familiar with the song he played, but damn, he sings in ENGLISH. I laughed a little though, seeing as his guitar totally doesn’t suit the song he’s performing ;D.

Credit: CodeMonmonSeason4

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Hae talking about the splitting of money between members –  (Longest name for a linkage ever) Oh, the infamous Onew sangtae XDDDDDD! Everyone is in such a serious mood, and then Dubu opens his mouth. Need I reinstate how much I love this guy?? ONEW ILUSM ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Hae just has this smile which appears on his face, Minnie is first ‘??’ then LOL and Park Myung Su is just confused lmao. Key telling Onew off…that’s just love *-*. (Ooh, and Sungmin’s hair is getting longer <333. )

Who’s the best looking in SJ? – MIN IS SO QUICK WITH HIS ANSWER :DDDDD. And to say he’s better looking than Siwon…XDDDDD. Key laughs at Ming’s answer lol. I guess he has a different opinion on this matter. Hae is just too confident with himself LOL. And then acts so cute after he says he’s better looking than Jonghyun. Gosh, I love this bunch of dorks so much ♥♥♥.


Ok, I think that’s enough spam posting for today ^^”.

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