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Um, has anyone seen Siwon FAIL THIS MUCH?!!!?!?! :DDDDDDDD LMAO, I’m seriously dying from laughter here ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

[2009, Aug 8th – Sukira Transcript]

Leeteuk : Yesterday after exercising, suddenly Siwon said he wanted to go Han-Gang(river) at 2am.

Eunhyuk : At dawn?

Leeteuk : Yes… so Siwon went to there by his small motorcycle and I drove my car.

Eunhyuk : But that time, it was raining…..

Leeteuk : yeah…in the rain…Siwon said ‘ Hyung! I’m macho!’ and he kept riding motorcycle…
anyway, he arrived there before than me, and he called me ‘ Hyung where are you? Why are you late?’
and he thought I was already at there and he started dancing in front of a car . He thought that car was mine…

Eunhyuk : OMG… that was same style car as yours….

Leeteuk : Yes… he kept saying ‘Hyung get out! Get out!’ and was dancing…
and he thought ‘ oh my dance is not enough…’ and was dancing more hardly….

Eunhyuk : He didn’t know the person inside the car because the window was tanned black.

Leeteuk : yeah, and he said I didn’t get out , so he knocked the window and said ‘ hyung why don’t you get out!!’
And the window opened with a suprised lady!! She was really surprised ” OMG!!!!!”
and he ran away~~~~

Eunhyuk : OMG, how embarrassed…. why was he doing that…kkk really funny
I always enjoy the story about our members. They are doing really funny things~~

And omg, Hae is the sweetest thing ever *__*.

Leeteuk said now ( i mean 0807, during the KTR) SuJu members was in Busan except he and Eunhyuk because of some event, but they wanted to stay more to enjoy beach and they were hanging out on the beach.
And Donghae sent text messege ‘I wrote – forever Super Junior!!- on the beach~ and it’s really exciting!!’
Leeteuk said he was envy them…. but he hope they are enjoy the time because they don’t have any time to enjoy free time privately…^^

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Stalker photos ftw! It seems like a fan has somehow managed to invade SiHyuk’s privacy take photos of the boys working out at the gym.

I refuse to reduce these images to thumbnail, they must be viewed in the largest resolution possible ♥___♥.

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I’ve been living under a rock or something; how can I have never seen these photos?! I stalk SJ news related sites all the time o___o.

This is a really, really sweet photo of the trio ♥____♥.

Siwon,Donghae,Super Junior

Super Junior,DBSK,Donghae,Siwon Siwon,Donghae,Super Junior Super Junior,Donghae,Siwon

Credit: SJFantasy

Such lovely photos of the boys and Ariel Lin. I’d love to see more SJ + Ariel Lin collaborations ^^.

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Siwon,Hankyung,Ryeowook,Super Junior

Siwon,Hankyung,Ryeowook,Super Junior Super Junior,Ryeowook,Siwon,Hankyung

Credit as tagged.

A bit miffed at the apparent PSed look of the photos, but the HanWook heart has me going all oogly eyed XDDD. The SiHan one is too cute ^^.

I love Ryeowook in glasses ♥.

PS. Omgsh SuShow II is on tonight! ♥♥♥♥♥ Fancams come my way! ;DD

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::EDIT 2:: Updated with a higher quality and English subbed mv ^^. Now that I understand what the boys were saying at the end, I can’t help feeling sorry for Siwon ;__;. Poor Wonnie~

::EDIT:: I can’t believe I didn’t hear this the first time; Ariel sings a bit of ‘Sorry Sorry’ after Hae asks her why she doesn’t sing. Hae, I’m falling more and more in love with you <3.

Hae speaks in Mandarin! Boy is so lovely for always trying to speak it, practicing it, learning new words; gahh, Fishy, you’re awesome ♥. I love how he sang ‘Love U More’ to Ariel ^^. Hae seems to make a wonderful boyfriend :).

The mv has such a pretty story. Hae is Ariel’s boyfriend, and meets up with Siwon (who I think stays with them?) and realises that Hae’s gf is his ex. But. It all ends happily, ‘cos there’s none of that ‘I still miss you, will you get back together with me’ jazz. I hate those types of love triangles. Unless the couples look really good together xD.

I find it funny  how the mv alternates between the boys talking in Korean and Hae speaking in Mando to Ariel ^-^.

Credit: ilovekidoya

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Honestly, I felt slightly just like a stalker when I saw these photos. But then again, that’s a fangirl’s speciality xD.

Siwon carries around their Sorry Sorry CD?! ILUSM SIWON <33. And looool, Min and his yellow DS. I swear I once saw him playing on a pink one..was it in their backstage Super Concert special?

Siwon & Sungmin

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