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Baby and Mal’s photos have been released :D! Honestly though, I’m only really digging the guyliner on Jungmin ;~;. I reckon there’s just too much layered around Hyungjoon’s eyes. Still, the boys look hot *___*.

SS501,Jungmin SS501Hyungjoon,SS501,Hyungjoon SS501,Hyungjoon

Although..what’s with the mini-album? :( After 1 year and 7 months, I’d have expected a full album to be released, not one with just five songs on it. DSP, you disappoint me.

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Sorry, but this had to be done…


Seriously though, can the Hong Kong media get any more rating-hungry? Ugh, just the tone of the narrator makes me want to puke. Her last line is point blank suggesting the boys are going off to ‘do something’ with the girls…I’m sorry, but a series of footage compiled together to make a rumour just doesn’t cut it. HK, get better at the evidence please. If friends going of having fun equates to dirty business, then I really don’t know what the HK media makes of Hollywood. Really.

Although, it’d be nice if YS decides to quit smoking. He has a rather nice voice so…just a thought. The narrator doesn’t seem too fussed with that fact though. Rather, him scratching his lower body part has caught her attention.

Credit: v6inokenq

PS. If you mute the video, doesn’t the clip just look all innocent and completely unlike what the narrator seems to be making of the situation?

Ok, end rant.

Have you heard? Baby’s going to be acting in a drama! Read article here. Asdlkfja;dskfj! Looking forward to hearing more about this drama :D!

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The boys are coming back! ♥♥♥


I’m trying really hard to like this song. But honestly, it’s not my favourite track off the boys’ solo collection :/. Baby composed the lyrics/melody for the song, didn’t he? Does that make me a bad fan? ;___;

He looks mighty sexy though ♥. Love the dance and the stage aura he presents. His expression at 3:14 makes me crack up. Baby, you’re too cute ♥___♥. Don’t like the girl >:(. I swear I’m not a jealous fan. I mean, I loved Ryeowook’s ‘Insomnia’ performance in SSII and he’s my fav member of all time ^^. Idk, I just don’t like her. I know, I don’t make sense xD.

Credit: CodeMonmonSeason2

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-dies- His smile at the beginning was too short! It’s such a Hyungjoon smile <3. But my has Baby grown up for this :O. Hot. Very hot ♥. Really anticipating the full song from him.

Credit: hoonfami

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JEALOUSSSSSS. Here’s a fancam of Baby demonstrating safety procedures. He’s such a cutie *_____*.

[Credit: skypoem]

And I’ll throw in a video of the boys dancing to GEE ROFLMAO. Kyujong seems to be the only one who knows the dance steps x). Yongsaeng and Hyungjoon are just…lost ^^.

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