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BOF 2nd ost

No spazzing for now. I’m tired and in need of some sleep Uni can go die.

Link to the download

I haven’t listened to the songs just yet and still really need to catch up on BOF, so I’ve no idea if the songs are good or not.


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The entire BOF cast

They must be feeling a lot more relaxed now that the drama has ended ^^. I see the F4 boys and Goo Hye Sun, but where’s Kim So Eun? HyunJoong is looking very fine with glasses on xD. Kim Bum’s looking awesome too. I can’t find the three girls who torment Jan Di though. Well, the two, since one of them recently passed away :(. Suicides…><.

BOF Cast

Photo credit: AF

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Remember the 36 second teaser? Samsung has now released the full CF, which is in the form of a music video. And OMG, BRAIN IMPLOSION. So much SoEul love <3333! I swear, if they ever star in a drama together and are a couple, I WILL WATCH IT. No matter how boring the rest of the drama is. Because they are so worth it *__*.

I love Ga Eul’s ‘magic trick’ with the phone :). And at the end when she saw Ee Jung had photos of her on his phone; :DDDDD! Gosh, the PD’s evil; HE DIDN’T LET PEOPLE SEE THE TWO OF THEM KISS. ‘Cos they so did. We couldn’t see it ;D.

[Video credit: wondersmurf]

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It’s Monkey boy’s birthday today! :DD 23 years of life and look at how much he’s achieved already ^^. The dance machine of Super Junior, the boy with the gummy smile, the one who always states “Nice weather~”, and of course, the one who gets his pants PULLED DOWN XDDDD <33! Gosh I miss SJFullhouse and EHB T__T.

Happy Birthday Eunhyuk!

Eunhyuk's birthday

은혁오빠 생일축하~♥

And some photos behind the cut :).

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I can’t wait for this episode of SGB to aired (and subbed!). Sounds like a hilarious episode to watch :D.

Super Junior was recently on KBS 2tv’s Star Golden Bell and honestly revealed their first impressions. Kyuhyun revealed, “The first time I saw Eunhyuk, because of his hairstyle, I thought he was an Indian chief!” Following that, Shindong said that when he first met Eunhyuk he thought, “We’re gonna be fellow members?” ‘cos country bumpkin Eunhyuk confessed that for a month, he wore the same clothes.

Also, super junior revealed mistakes that Eunhyuk & Shindong made during their radio broadcasts. During broadcast, when introducing the group ‘anthem’, Eunhyuk instead said ‘andem’. And during his radio program with Kim Shinyoung, (Shindong) introduced DongBangShinKi’s ‘Wrong Number’ as ‘Derision Number’, eliciting laughter from everyone.

This episode will be broadcast on the 4th.

original article: newsen
translation credits: fragment @ sj-world.net

Errr, I edited the article a bit; just adding caps to it really ‘cos I can’t stand everything being in lower case ^^;;. I didn’t change any words or anything.

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Here’s a few photos of Park Ji Bin (the kid who played Jan Di’s younger brother…I forgot his name ^^;;) hanging out with Jaejoong :).


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