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In which Kyuhyun shows off his math skills. Oh Kyu bb, how I love you ♥.

Credit: dkpopnews11

Our resident SJ math genius looked so upset that he was off the correct answer by one. Kyu, come to me and I’ll hug you until you feel better :D.

He must be exceptionally good at maths though, considering the speed at which the numbers were shown. Ooh, I love the “Super Jr. & SHINee/Starking” on the upper right corner. Pause at 0:26 at to see his triumphant smile. Have I said how much I love this guy? I love you so much, Kyu ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.


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Gahhhh, love the boys and gals ^^.

Credit: prot0530

As;dlfjkas;ldkfjas;ldkj Kyu, chase after me now omggggggg. How cute was he in the mv? I REPEAT. HOW CUTE WAS HE? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Magnae couple ftw ♥♥.

Aww, this was such a sweet mv. Please excuse me while I go and re-watch it yet again :P.

I dislike the fact Yesung and Eunhyuk got next to zero screentime :(.

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That was pretty much my reaction when I saw Han Geng on TV :DD. Sorry, I’m just really spazzy about it and need to let it out. ‘COS HAN GENG WAS ON TV. THE TV IN FRONT OF ME. Omg, I love HK so much more now <3333333.

Oh, this reminds me. SJ-M are in Taiwan! As;dljfkdla;jsdkljfas; I’m really desperate to see them on ‘100% Entertainment’. AND OMG. I MIGHT SEE THEM ON TV.

Lol. This is such a spam post. I can obviously see all this on the internet, but somehow, seeing the boys on TV makes it that much more exciting.

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These boys are really too sweet ^^. Remember the video of the boys smashing cake onto Henry’s face? I think these pics are of the celebration before it went errrr…a bit wild XD.

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Henry,Zhou Mi

These photos are pure win simply because Zhou Mi has the brightest :DDDDD/ expression ♥. Apparently, the two of them went shopping whilst the SJ members were having their press conference for SSII in Thailand.

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Considering how I’ve become addicted to ‘You’re Beautiful’ in the past four days, it’s really no surprise when you see them making up almost half of my Top 20 XD. The drama is brilliant, and all the tracks used are really well composed unlike BOF’s T___T.

Oh, and I’m also quite surprised at how at least one English song has made it onto my list thus far. I guess I’m really beginning to broaden my music taste to more styles and languages.

20. Boy’z & Twins – 死性不改
19. Tank – 全世界都停電
18. Jay Sean – Down
17. Super Junior – Heartquake
16. Alicia Keys – Doesn’t mean anything
15. Jang Geun Suk – Good Bye
14. 2NE1 – I Don’t Care
13. Wonbin & Miss $ – 하늘에서 내려와
12. A.N.JELL – Still – 여전히 (ft. Park Shin Hye)
11. Kim Dong Wook – 가슴이 욕해
10. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong
09. Jungmin – If you cannot (ft. Jisun)
08. Park Shin Hye – 말도 없이
07. SS501 – One only day
06. Hongki – Still
05. SS501 – Wasteland
04. 9th Street – 말도 없이
03. Hongki – Promise (ft. Jung Yong Hwa)
02. Jang Geun Suk – Fly me to the moon (ft. Park Shin Hye)

01. A.N.JELL – Promise

P.S. this is also the first time Super Junior has not dominated my list!

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