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Wow. Like, WOW O_____O. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Yoochun this angry before. But then again, who wouldn’t be, if some random in front of you in a queue decided to snap a photo of you right then and there. That girl…at least wait ’til she got to the other side of the barrier? I feel sorry for the boys; look at how close the fans are standing to them. I think they’re on their way back to Japan; gosh, I’d be in a horrible temper if I had pretty much no rest after attending a concert, let alone actually performing in a concert. They really need to rest :(.

[Video credit: ichigoKJJ]

Really random, but is it just me, or does Changmin look extremely hot in that beanie? ;DD


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Am I like the only person who has not watched this before? ^^;; The boys are so adorably lost. I want to take Hyuk home and babysit my brother lol. Can anyone be more awkward than him at holding a baby XD? And then one of the babies start crying when he sees Teukie’s face ;). I love these boys so much <33. Poor Alex, he didn’t get any babysitters; he gained two more babies ROFL.

[Video credit: gomdoriii]

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