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These boys are really too sweet ^^. Remember the video of the boys smashing cake onto Henry’s face? I think these pics are of the celebration before it went errrr…a bit wild XD.

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Henry,Zhou Mi

These photos are pure win simply because Zhou Mi has the brightest :DDDDD/ expression ♥. Apparently, the two of them went shopping whilst the SJ members were having their press conference for SSII in Thailand.

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With their mini-mes! The kids are utterly adorable, omg. Embedded pic is my absolute favourite, even though you really can’t see the kid ><. Kyu is just too much, pressing down on the kid’s shoulder. It’s like he’s trying to tell the kid indirectly that he’s the more mature one (and we really know that’s not true :P).

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Please excuse my over-spazziness :P.

Show Luo: Recently, there would be many concerts held in Taiwan, such as Super Junior M who would be coming to Taiwan to meet their fans.
Xiao Gui: Yes
Show Luo: I think they would be coming on the 7th, 6th, 7th, and on the 8th they would be coming to 100% Entertainment.

Source: fannyshowbb @ YT for uploading the show
Translated by bulletproof @ SJ-World.net

Tbh, I’m not a great follower of this variety show. I have however, enjoyed the episodes that I’ve watched over the years. And I’ve loved every minute of it. Show Luo and Xiao Gui crack me up to no end XDDD. I can just imagine the interactions which will take place with the SJ-M boys *__________*. Really anticipating this!

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Henry,Zhang Li Yinn,Zhang Li Yin

As;ldkjfs;lkdjf lthese pics are adorable!♥ Embedded pic is my absolute fave ^^.

Henry,Zhang Li Yin Henry,Zhang Li Yin

Credits: Henry Baidou Bar
Reupload: Izurei @ sj-world.net

Sorry, this is a really lazy update :(. I’m swamped with my last few assignments before my exams start, omg </3.

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THIS GUY. He’s just too sweet and squishy ♥♥♥♥♥♥. I love how he’s still referring to Geng’s legs as ‘short’ XD. ‘Happy Camp’ is forever going to be one of my favourite variety shows with SJ-M guesting <3.

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Credit as tagged.

Source: UFOTown
Shared in SJ-World
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