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Baby and Mal’s photos have been released :D! Honestly though, I’m only really digging the guyliner on Jungmin ;~;. I reckon there’s just too much layered around Hyungjoon’s eyes. Still, the boys look hot *___*.

SS501,Jungmin SS501Hyungjoon,SS501,Hyungjoon SS501,Hyungjoon

Although..what’s with the mini-album? :( After 1 year and 7 months, I’d have expected a full album to be released, not one with just five songs on it. DSP, you disappoint me.

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Ok, um…WHAT? When did Jungmin perform this?! HOW COME I NEVER KNEW?!!?!

Oh gosh, this is such a beautiful performance ♥. Mal is definitely giving Yongsaeng a run for the ‘ballad prince’ title in the group. Song is so much love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. And Jisun! Her voice is lovely. Their voices blend so well together *__*.

Credit: shirbogurl21

So if Jungmin has already performed his solo and Baby did his tonight, does this mean the rest of the members will have their turn very soon? Cannot wait, if so!

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Awww, I never expected a ballad from Horsey. He looks good sitting on the chair singing :D.

Oh gosh, love the scene with the three of them pointing guns at one another <33! I’m really anticipating the full mv now.

Credit: hoonfami

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