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These boys are so damn special ♥. Jungmo’s version of ‘I don’t care’ is pure awesome, you hear? Gosh, that boy is really too talented. And the students, lmao. I love how the boys look so excited XDD.

Sungmin’s rocking the pink guitar! I’m not exactly familiar with the song he played, but damn, he sings in ENGLISH. I laughed a little though, seeing as his guitar totally doesn’t suit the song he’s performing ;D.

Credit: CodeMonmonSeason4


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So yeah…see for yourself.

I’m a tad freaked out by this. Because no matter how girly Heechul appears to be, I never would have thought he would kiss another…guy. I’d really like to think they faked it, but with the camera zoomed right up to their faces, it looked quite real to me. And now of course there are rumours circulating around once again that Heechul’s gay, desipte Kangin clarifying that Heechul’s not. I think he did that towards the end of the concert..?

Besides that, Sungmin looks good there ♥♥. He looks more mature compared to their first Super Show Concert.

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