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Um, has anyone seen Siwon FAIL THIS MUCH?!!!?!?! :DDDDDDDD LMAO, I’m seriously dying from laughter here ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

[2009, Aug 8th – Sukira Transcript]

Leeteuk : Yesterday after exercising, suddenly Siwon said he wanted to go Han-Gang(river) at 2am.

Eunhyuk : At dawn?

Leeteuk : Yes… so Siwon went to there by his small motorcycle and I drove my car.

Eunhyuk : But that time, it was raining…..

Leeteuk : yeah…in the rain…Siwon said ‘ Hyung! I’m macho!’ and he kept riding motorcycle…
anyway, he arrived there before than me, and he called me ‘ Hyung where are you? Why are you late?’
and he thought I was already at there and he started dancing in front of a car . He thought that car was mine…

Eunhyuk : OMG… that was same style car as yours….

Leeteuk : Yes… he kept saying ‘Hyung get out! Get out!’ and was dancing…
and he thought ‘ oh my dance is not enough…’ and was dancing more hardly….

Eunhyuk : He didn’t know the person inside the car because the window was tanned black.

Leeteuk : yeah, and he said I didn’t get out , so he knocked the window and said ‘ hyung why don’t you get out!!’
And the window opened with a suprised lady!! She was really surprised ” OMG!!!!!”
and he ran away~~~~

Eunhyuk : OMG, how embarrassed…. why was he doing that…kkk really funny
I always enjoy the story about our members. They are doing really funny things~~

And omg, Hae is the sweetest thing ever *__*.

Leeteuk said now ( i mean 0807, during the KTR) SuJu members was in Busan except he and Eunhyuk because of some event, but they wanted to stay more to enjoy beach and they were hanging out on the beach.
And Donghae sent text messege ‘I wrote – forever Super Junior!!- on the beach~ and it’s really exciting!!’
Leeteuk said he was envy them…. but he hope they are enjoy the time because they don’t have any time to enjoy free time privately…^^

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Sukira,Super Junior,Eunhyuk,Leeteuk

Asd;kalfjdajs;ldkjf! EunTeuk continue with their anecdotes and spilling secrets left, right and centre ♥.

Wook pranks Hyuk with a toy poop, lying that Heebum had visited and left behind a smelly present XD. He then proceeds to throw the bag of ‘poop’ onto Hyuk’s bed LMAO. I’d love to see the expression on Huk’s face when Ryeowook flung the bag onto his bed XDDDDDDD;;;;;;;;.

And. Yesung has gotta be the biggest dork alive ♥♥♥. He was planning on visiting the optometrist, but instead landed himself in an OB-GYN, a place women visit. He’s such a fail sometimes ^^;;.

SuJu is too much crack ♥.

For more anecdotes, click here. You know you want to >:D.

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Can’t really see Ryeowook playing this sort of prank xD. He seems too cute and innocent to do these sorts of things. But of course, EunTeuk spill the beans and reveals the playful side of our eternal magnae ♥.

090630 Playful Ryeowook

Leeteuk: Oh right, there is an interesting thing that happened. A couple of days ago, your parents went to your dormitory right? Ryeowook wanted to play a prank on the managers…
Eunhyuk: Yes, yes, I remember.
Leeteuk: Ryeowook ran up to the 12th level and said to the managers, “Hyung! Eunhyuk hyung went crazy! He brought a woman to the dormitory!” The managers got a shock and dashed down to the 11th level. Upon reaching your storey, they saw a pair of woman’s footwear when they opened the door. The managers then had a meeting, and the whole time while they were fretting, they kepting hearing a woman’s voice coming from your room. The few of them worried for quite a while, until they saw your parents in the room…
Eunhyuk: They saw (my parents) from the gap at the door, and then bowed after seeing them… Ha, Ryeowook is too playful.

Cr: Kimseohye
Translated by yurim_sj♥ @ SJ-World.net

{There are also other parts of Sukira translated, but I just took out the part about Ryeowook.}

He’s such a cutie, Y/Y? ^^ It just seems so un-Ryeowook like, lying about Hyuk having a woman in his room. I wonder what the managers said to him afterwards.. XDD.

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Epic fail ensues XDDD.

I think I may have enjoyed Hyuk cracking up more than their !fail French. Hyuk’s laugh is adorable <3. It starts off soft, then becomes a squeal, and finally, he can’t hold it in any longer xD.

Ahh, I rarely watch unsubbed videos, but seems that I’m doing it more and more often now. Does that mean that I’ve become even more obsessed with fandom (as impossible as that may seem)?

Credit: magicapuri

I hope Teukie is feeling better too; at least he seems happy in this video.

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Rofl, he can’t contain himself at all. Even Hyuk is able to keep his laughter…to a minimum, at least XD. The uploader of the video explains why Teukie is cracking up so much:

he falls again at 1:09………. for this quiz section they called out to this listener who is a teacher. ahem, but she gets all the answers wrong. XD

So while Hyuk is reassuring the teacher, Teuk is falling off his seat and laughing his head off. SUCH A DORK.

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Kiss the Radio

SUNGMIN *___*. How can a man act so cute and be manly at the same time? ♥♥♥♥♥

I don’t normally take much notice of KTR photos, but this time…Sungmin’s cuteness captured my attention and I can’t stop staring ^^;;.

Kiss the Radio Kiss the Radio Kiss the Radio Kiss the Radio Kiss the Radio Kiss the Radio Kiss the Radio

For once, Yesung looks normal XD.

Photo credit: sjfantasy

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