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BRB, BAWLING MY EYES OUT T______________T.

Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo Arena
Date: 18th September 2009
Time: 8.30-10.30PM
Price (in HKD):
Standing – $988 (subject to changes)
Seating – $988 $788, $588, $388, $188 (subject to changes)

credits: Super Junior Hong Kong Fan Club
translated by: carolyn @ sj-world.net

IT’S SO FREAKING CHEAP. Whycan’tibetherewhycan’tibetherewhycan’tibetherewhycan’tibethere??

Omg. I was so excited for this, thinking it’d be sometime in Christmas. WHY, SM, WHY????????

I’m seriously terribly depressed right now. Not even the thought of fancams of the boys speaking fail Cantonese can cheer me up. SMEIHATEYOUSOMUCH.

Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo Arena
Date: 18th September 2009
Time: 8.30-10.30PM
Price (in HKD):
Standing – $988 (subject to changes)
Seating – $988 $788, $588, $388, $188 (subject to changes)

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Ryeowook ♥_______♥!! At the moment, my mouth is just opening and closing like a fish. How insanely sexy is he? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I love his outfit in the photos. LOOK AT THE POSITION OF HIS HANDS :O!

Ryeowook,Super Junior,Super Show II

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Photo credit as tagged.


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I should just make one big post for all these fancams ^^”. BUT. I’m too excited and spazzy, so…yeah xD.

Sorry Sorry performance – The boys are in white suits! That’s just love in itself ♥. I’ve missed their ‘Sorry Sorry’ performances.

Carnival – The audio isn’t great, but watching it alone will make you rofl for real. I love how these boys aren’t afraid to make total fools of themselves *-*. Love the KangShin crack at the end ♥♥♥. Oooh, I just realised the song sounds like ‘Puff the magic dragon’ :O. Hmm, am I making things up?

Gee (clearer version) – THESE BOYS! OMG. The Heesica part had me lol-ing like mad. And Wook’s crack dance xDDDD.

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OHMYGOSH. A;alskdjf;laskdjf;lkasjdfk;lajsd;lkfj Ryeowookie is innocent no more XDDDDD;;;;;;;;. He so darn cute but damn he does sexy well. He had my eyes popping out of my sockets and my jaw dropped to the floor throughout the performance.

When I read that the female dancer was scantily clad in fanaccounts….well, lets just say I never evisioned this. I can just imagine how stunned the fans would have been to see the dancer walk on stage during Wook’s performance XDD.

Credit: uketsu

Omg, Ryeowook ILUSM. That was HOT.HOT.HOT! Eternal magnae ♥♥♥♥♥♥. I WANT DVD NAOOOOOO!!

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A;SDKLJFAS;LKDFJAJ;LDKSJ I just about died when I read this article *-*.

– Donghae’s solo on Super show 2 is a song called “Beautiful”, Donghae himself composed the music and also wrote the lyric for the song. Kangin said that even when Donghae worked on the song, he didnt let the other members hear it so yesterday rehearsal when they could listen to the song, they felt that it is a good song

– Heechul’s solo is a song called “혼” (Soul/Spirit), The TRAX’s Jungmo composed the song’s music and Heechul wrote the lyric

– Leeteuk said this time, they want to show a mature concept so that’s why Wook got a sexy performance. Wook said he just did the ballad song but the other members said to him “It’ll be good too if you do a dance song” which Shindong said he’s already done the perfomance and Eunhyuk said although they dont force him, Ryeowook himself will do that however.

– They said that “Gee” performance is all Heechul’s idea which Heechul said they had showed the cool image in the SS1, now they want to show a funny image. Heechul said because of this perfomance, he had joined SNSD’s Jessica’s fancafe but he had been banned because he didnt follow what the level up form said. Kangin said all the members had to go for an audition in front of Heechul if they want to take part in the perf in which Shindong had been dropped out. Yesung asked Heechul why he was rejected which Kangin said that it’s because his busy schedule ^^. Heechul said he himself had asked every members of SNSD “What is the point of your part of the performance ?”

– Leeteuk said they planned to have 15 concerts this time and they’ll come to Thailand, Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia…as well. Shindong also said they might perform song in that country’s native lagunage when they come to there

– Leeteuk said they might come back next year

original article here, here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

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From the looks of fan accounts, the concert was all sorts of awesome sauce ♥. There wasn’t much talking this time round, which meant that there was more time to SING! ^^

SJ performs ‘Gee’: Where Hae kicks Leader’s butt…literally xDDDD. Heechul finally appears as Heesica! :DDD;;;;;;;; OMG, the boys *______*.

Credit: EuNteUkseasoon1

Heechul – Jessica
Leeteuk – Taeyeon
Siwon – Yuri
Kangin – Tiffany
Donghae – Yoona
Ryeowook – Seohyun
Hyukjae – Hyoyeon
Sungmin – Sunny
Kyuhyun – Sooyoung

Credit: Soompi


New version of ‘Sorry Sorry’! – It’s not terribly high quality, but from what I can make of it, it’s sounding sooooo good *-*.

Fan accounts say that there was quite a bit of ‘Genie’ dance choreography incorporated ♥_____♥. I really can’t wait ’til a DVD of this concert comes out. BUYING! ♥♥♥

OMG Ryeowook sang Wheesung’s ‘Insomnia’ AND PERFORMED A SEXY DANCE WITH A SCANTILY CLOTHED LADY. FANCAM COME MY WAY ♥_________________♥. Wookie is growing up :DDDDDDD;;;;;;;;;. Ohhhh, Zhou Mi and Henry were there to perform the Korean version of ‘Me’ and ‘At least there’s still you’!!! I hope fans weren’t being nasty to them ;~;.

It’s a bit maddening that SSII security was so tight; I’d love to see more fancams. I hope more fancams start popping up soon :DDD.

Meanwhile, a few fan accounts; 1, 2, 3

Gee have 9 members

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