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DBSK on Tokyo Friends Park 2

Who can resist this show?! What with the hugging, high-fives, manly hand holding, laughing, moob-touching, butt wacking; this show is just pure love. And with the DongBang boys on to play and have fun, it just makes TFP all the more worth watching ♥.

Watch them enter on a rollercoaster, jump and stick themselves onto a velcro (?) board, hitting monkeys like there’s no tomorrow, play arcade games which seem to be tough in so many levels (but of course, the boys ace it :D), observe just how great each DBSK member’s timing is, and the boys playing air hockey against a lettuce and…I’m not sure what the other person dressed up as xD.

The prize part was really hilarious, imo. You get to see what the boys really like, but awwww, they’re so good to each other ^^. I love how they all won a prize for one another, yes, even Jae XDD.

Ahhh, it’s great seeing the boys enjoying themselves ^^.

Part 1:

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6


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SS501 brush up on some Chinese

Hahaha these boys are just…. XD. ♥xx infinity for them. I’ve no idea why they’re wishing everyone a Happy Valentines day though. And they sound so robotic ^^”. Still, they put so much effort into practicing their Chinese.

I’m looking forward to fancams of their fanmeeting ♥.

Credit: hoonfami

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Wheeeee! I’m not so sure about the choreorgraphy of the song, but I actually like the mv :). The whole choreography was just filled with…legs, but hey, the girls look good, so I’m not complaining. And yes, the song has become really catchy and stuck in my head.

Credit: wondersmurf

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I found this video of the boys featured on MTV (Taiwan). It’s a bit old (artist of the month <MAY>), but there’s a bit of SJ-dorkiness, so I’ve just gotta spazz about that xD.

Hae speaks Chinese in this. “Da jia qing duo duo zhi chi ‘Sorry Sorry’ a lot”; he’s saying ‘everyone, please support ‘Sorry Sorry”. I love how Hae always tries to speak in Chinese whenever possible ^^. Then Kyu proceeds to say the most random thing ever, “fang jian!!” The line is from the movie ‘Red Cliff’ and basically means ‘release arrow’ XDD. Oh, his arm movement accompanying his “fang jian”… this boy is so much love ♥♥♥. I think he misses sprouting random Chinese words ;D.

credit: kpopmusicstation

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The boys look great, but I don’t really see how the ad has got anything to do with chickens. Unless somehow mobile phones and chickens are linked…lol, I don’t really understand the ad.

Credit: HyukGem

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Dropping off some mp3 download links, since I’ve been listening to some of these non-stop. I can’t seem to get enough of the KyuHae+Taesicca collaboration ♥. And I’ve finally figured why the song sounds so familiar; it was in the movie ‘Music and Lyrics’. I’m so slow with these things -__-.

SJ covering ‘Gee’

SNSD covering ‘Sorry Sorry’

KyuHae + Taesicca – Way Back into Love

SJ – A Falling Star

Sungmin + Sunny – Falling Slowly

Credit: urnobody911

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