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You all know of Jonghyun being diagnosed with swine flu, right? Well, Yesung will be singing in his place at this week’s Music Bank ^^.

Yesung will replace Jonghyun, who is recovering from the swine flu to perform “Ring Ding Dong” with Shinee on this week KBS Music bank (November 6th)

On this surprising performance, Yesung will sing Jonghyun’s part and hope to bring a fresh image to the audience. Yesung said “I feel fresh everytime I have chance to perform with Shinee. This performance is my support to Jonghyun, hope him can recover quickly. Also, I hope everybody will give a lot of love to “, thus showing his love to his same company hoobae.

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
may take out with full credits

Ahh, all this SM love makes me giddy ^^. I’m really anticipating Yesung’s performance. He’s definitely got a powerful voice, but I wonder how he’ll go with the choreography? xD


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Yesung,Yesung,Taeyeon,Taeyeon,Super Junior,SNSD

Ngl, I almost died when I saw this photo *_______*. It looks like Yesung is ‘protecting’ Taeyeon from the angle of the photo ^^. And apparently the coats belong to Hyuk and Ming, since Taeyeon was sick. How insanely sweet are the boys?! Actually, I think I’ve died, the photo makes me feel so proud and filled with love for the boys. Why does such a simple gesture make me feel like this?? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

::EDIT:: The coats actually belong to Ming and Heechul. Not Hyuk.

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He’s acting the villian, right? I’ve never wanted a villian to triumph over good more than ever XDD. And damn, his powerful voice really gives me goosebumps. I just…a;dslfkjs;lkdj I wish I could see this live ;~;.

Credit: aneng007

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Yesung – NamHanSanSung OST

It is so different to what he usually sings! Asd;fkljsd;lfj Yesung’s voice is terribly powerful-sounding *________*. I LOVE IT ♥. And the whole ‘a-ha-ha-haaa~’ backing vocals was awesome too. Although I think I’d get really annoyed at it after listening to it on repeat for a while XD.

Omgsh, I still can’t get over how insanely fabulous Yesung sounds in this song. Good luck to his musical debut~ :D

Credit: randomRinnie

P.S. This is sort of random but asdfjk;l SJM’s mini-album came out today! I haven’t gotten around to listening to the other songs yet ‘cos I want to hear them when I’m less stressed over Uni work ;__;. Listening to the boys in Chinese does require a bit of concentration ^^;;. Not that they haven’t improved, but I guess their accents plus my basic knowledge of Mandarin isn’t that great of a combination. I really need to get my hands on it asap though ♥.

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Yesungie’s collaboration with Lee Sejun! He has taken part in a CMM project, something he states he has always wanted to do.

Yesung said “I always want to try to do CCM. And since Lee Sehun hyung made a suggestion to me so I agreed to join without hesitation. I also said to SM that ‘I really want to do this’ and they allow me to do too. Of course I don’t receive any money from this. And not just this time, in the future I also want to join in the album like this”

Translation by evanesco@sj-world.net

This is a truly touching song. Yesung’s voice fits so well with style and I’m glad he’s got a chance to be able to sing for something he feels strongly about.

Credit: luvyesung

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Sukira,Super Junior,Eunhyuk,Leeteuk

Asd;kalfjdajs;ldkjf! EunTeuk continue with their anecdotes and spilling secrets left, right and centre ♥.

Wook pranks Hyuk with a toy poop, lying that Heebum had visited and left behind a smelly present XD. He then proceeds to throw the bag of ‘poop’ onto Hyuk’s bed LMAO. I’d love to see the expression on Huk’s face when Ryeowook flung the bag onto his bed XDDDDDDD;;;;;;;;.

And. Yesung has gotta be the biggest dork alive ♥♥♥. He was planning on visiting the optometrist, but instead landed himself in an OB-GYN, a place women visit. He’s such a fail sometimes ^^;;.

SuJu is too much crack ♥.

For more anecdotes, click here. You know you want to >:D.

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