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Over on channelv (register and vote here!), they have this ‘battle’ of the most popular pop artistes in Asia. I think it’s just some website poll thing, but correct me if I’m wrong ^^. Some of the artistes battling it out include:

♦ Big Bang vs. THSK (They’re representing Japan) [Guess who’s winning? xD]
♦ Lollipop vs. Fahrenheit [Fahrenheit’s in the lead]
♦ NewS vs. Super Junior [SuJu <33! :D]
♦ BoA vs. Jolin Tsai [BoA’s waaay ahead]
♦ S.H.E vs. Wonder Girls [WG are winning]

If you want to vote, you have to sign up. Voting progress can be seen HERE.


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I’m not sure if I’m entirely happy with this =/. Kibum’s been attending acting classes. That’s it. FULL STOP. This isn’t another rumour either (like the one about his mother being sick in the US), since an SME representative clearly stated it.

“Kim Kibum participated in the album recording and music video filming, so he is still a member of Super Junior. As for his absence from Super Junior’s promotions, he is taking acting classes now for his future acting career/auditions. That’s why he was absent.”

I love Kibum and all, but couldn’t he have at least participated in SuJu’s first comeback stage?

Ahhh, the rest of the members are supportive of him, so I really shouldn’t be complaining. I’m just feeling sore because on the surface, it just seems like he’s ditching SuJu for acting.

It may be that the acting classes were some sort of special ones, therefore he couldn’t miss them. Oh IDK, I just want to rant ><.

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Oh gosh, Ryeowook ♥♥♥! ‘Ryeowook imnida’ is a line he always uses to introduce himself :). It translates roughly to ‘I’m Ryeowook’. He even uses it in Mandarin – ‘Wo Shi Li Xu’ :DDD! I love how the members make fun of him about this, SUJU LOVE <33!

[Video credit: thefamouscookiedough]

After listening to it so many times, it starts to sound slightly hilarious. Love his low voice ♥___♥!

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OMG BBQ *___*

Saw this over at candychu’s wp and just stared. And stared. AND STARED. HOW CUTE AND AWESOME AND HOT AND SEXY AND EVERYTHING ELSE DOES KYU LOOK? ♥__________♥

KYU :Q____

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Awwwww, -hugs Wookie-. The following article also talks about Park Jiseon’s favourite SuJu member ideal type ;). It’s kind of sad to see that the same three SuJu members who are constantly missing in their promotions did not appear in this show either :(. I wonder where HanChulBum are?

KBS 2TV “Gag concert”s gagwoman Park Jiseon has revealed that her ideal type is Super Junior’s member Kyuhyun.

Park Jiseon said “I always paid attention to Kyuhyun” when she filmed a recent episode of KBS 2TV “대결 노래가 좋다” (Song battle).

When MC Hyunyoung asked her that why she liked KyuHyun, Park Jiseon said “I like the person who is gentle, pure and honest”, she even said “I just want to stain him”, hence make the whole studio burst out laughing.

On that episode of Song battle, Super Junior’s KyuHyun, Kangin, Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shiwon, Sungmin will appear.

There will be a poll among the members and the member who is the most hard to get along with is Shindong, the most failed-to-recognize by the old folks member is Ryeowook. Ryeowook said “Since people rarely recognize me so I still use the subway now”.

The show will be aired on April 2nd at 08.55PM

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

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A second season of BOF?

Today’s ending of the 25 episodes of the popular drama, Boys Over Flowers had obtained large amount of support from the audience. As such, the author of the drama announced a good news : Boys over flowers season 2 will be out next year February.

The drama initially did not have high viewership, but because of the raising popularity of the drama after that, he decided to plan a season2 for the drama.

The suspense left at the end of episode 25 was actually a hint that there may be season 2 for Boys over flowers.

Credits: ×ÏÁ胺@ triplestw.com + (english translation) ss501always@quainte501.com

Personally, I think this is just some April Fools joke. I’m no where near finishing the drama, but apparently the ending was a bit open-ended; leaving room perhaps for a second season..? I’d love for this to be true (HELLOOOO SOEUL ANYONE?!) but they’ve already loosely followed the manga’s plot, so I really don’t know what their going to use as the storyline for the second season. I guess for now, just treat this as an April Fools joke? But I’d be over the moon if there will be a second season :D.

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