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A;KLJDFJSKDJLF;AKDSJF;LAKDSJF WHOWHATWHENWHEREHOWWHY?!?! -continues to splutter incoherently- NOOOOO don’t go now, go at the end of this year when I’ll be there too DDDD:.


I’m assuming the guy in the slivery clothes is Kyu. What a funny fashion sense he has xD.

SJM-HK KyuHae Hangeng-HK Hangeng-HK

Omg, this is sad. I dunno why I feel like this since I should be happy they have activities in HK. But you see, the problem is I’m not there T____T.

My only hope is that they’ll gain more recognition and hold some sort of concert in HK at the end of the year again :/.


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Screw slow computer; ADS;LKFJDSKLAJ;FADF HENHAE! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Henry, why are you so cute? Donghae, why are you so handsome? Guhhhh, they look so good together. HAE STOP CHEATING ON HYUK.

Why do I find it funny that Henry seems to have hairier legs than Hae? XP


Would anyone care to decipher the text on their t-shirts? XDDD

Photo credit: SJ-fantasy

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Wook is awesome for his “I ♥ pepsi” and Zhou Mi with “I ♥ you” <33.

And because my bandwidth is pretty much exceeded and I don’t have the patience to wait for the pictures to take ages to upload, I’ll only include a few of the ones I liked.

SJM-pepsi SJM-pepsi SJM-pepsi

Photo credit and for more photos one, two, three, four, five.

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I love Kyu’s sense of humour so much ♥____♥. I don’t care if I’m spamming you with Intimate Note links; THIS ONE IS A MUST WATCH. Kyu is the cutest magnae ever omg. He writes ‘annonymous’ notes to the four ‘awkward’ members and LOOOOOL, he writes the same intro and ending XDD. AND CHEATS ON THEM TOO. Rofl, I don’t think I’m making much sense to those who haven’t seen this. WATCH IT.


[Video credit: jaynerox1991]

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