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DBSK’s income is revealed


Hell no, this is waaaaaaaay beyond unfair :(.

1. TVXQ has received $0 from their album sales till July 2008, and a very small amount after.

Before the fifth modification that the company made with their contract, it stated that the profit from albums and singles with sales less than 500,000 copies would go 100% to SM Entertainment, which left the members with nothing. There has been no Korean album that have exceeded 500,000 album sales between the time of TVXQ’s debut and their 4th album Mirotic, which was the first album in Korea to sell over 500,000 albums for a long time.

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It’s that time of the week again! :) So, out of the 260 songs I’ve listened to this week, here are my Top 20:

20. DBSK – Runaway
19. T-Max – Say Yes
18. SS501 – WANT IT
17. Super Junior – You’re My Endless Love
16. Fahrenheit – 動脈
15. Nicholas Teo – 不要再聽他寫的歌了
14. Super Junior T – Rokkugo
13. Fahrenheit – 佔有
12. Nicholas Teo – 爸爸媽媽
11. SHINee – Stand by me
10. SS501 – Obsess (중독…)
09. SS501 – One Only Day (하루만)
08. DBSK – Wrong Number
07. SHINee – Best Place
06. Raymond, Ron, Kenneth, Sammul – 風暴
05. Fahrenheit – 不會愛
04. KyuMinWook – 센드빌 Logo Song
03. Kevin Cheng & Myolie Wu – 有意
02. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

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Hmmm, 7 Cpop songs making it into Top 20?! Gosh, I think I actually expanded beyond Kpop this week! XD

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Heechul sounds amazing! I remember how he once said that he doesn’t exactly have a nice voice, but I really think it suits the style of this song. He never ceases to amaze me <3.

To Heechul’s first solo! ♥

Credit: randomRinnie

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No offense, but this, this is utter crap. That’s me being really blunt.

ZLY can do with so much better, but this is what she ends up getting? ;___; I’m not liking the path SME is leading her down. This girl has got such a magnificent and powerful voice, but why does she seem to be drawing the short straw?

Credit: jenp00able

I’m honestly not liking this. Not even Henry featruing in the song makes me like it any more.

As;dklfj;slakdjf SME, please let the girl sing some proper songs. Ones which show off her wonderful vocals, maybe?

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SS501 – ‘Love like this’ mv

Umm. The boys look hot! I know there are quite a few people out there who don’t like Baby’s hair, but I actually don’t mind it. I reckon it looks pretty good on him ^^.

The mv. I really, really like it. And the bits when the boys sign the letters of LOVE is cheesy, but awesome <3. I’m a bit so-so on the choreography though. Idk, why does it feel like it lacks a little bit of ‘oomph’? :/ No matter, the song is good, the boys are gorgeous (albeit the tattoo shirts .__.) and the mv is pretty cool.

Credit: shirbogurl

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Oh gosh. HENHAE. AND HYUK. And lots of SM love goodies.

Credit: sment


I think I heard some girls in there too? SNSD? f(x)? LOL, idk. BUT SM LOVE IS SO, SO AWESOME.

I need more footage of this ;~;. Allow me to reiterate. SM LOVE! ♥♥♥♥

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