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2009.11.13 18:33
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The boys have got a me2day!

But that’s not really the point of my post.



Need I reinstate just how much I adore SM-love? XDD


Picture taken from SHINee’s me2day

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I-I feel absolutely ripped at the poor quality of the mv. Is SME really taking ZLY as a joke?? Becuase it sure looks like it to me .___.

I honestly can not believe the video was mainly comprised of a photo slideshow. Not even the adorable and sweet Hae-Li Yin moments make me want to rewatch it. After being away for so long, this is what fans are greeted with. The Henry-Li Yin mv better be an actual mv >:(.

Still, at least the song has a nice, C-Pop feel to it. As much as I love SJ-M, I do wish their songs sounded more C-pop like.

Credit: niewinnish

Yeah, I’m pretty pissed about this :/.

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Ok, I’m not going to lie; my first and real intention to watch this was because Hae is featured in the mv. And I sort of regret having such shallow feelings, since I’ve re-discovered Li Yin’s powerful vocals *___*. The song sounds beautiful and really suits her voice <3.

I’m a bit disappointed it wasn’t an MV teaser ;~;. More like a composition of photos and snippets of the footage. Still, we get to see many Hae-ZLY sweet moments ^^. Hae really looks beyond awesome in the teaser *O*. I love the photo of the two of them at 0:09 ♥♥♥♥. Hae looks so laid back and carefree, and Li Yin is just enjoying herself, laying on Hae XD. The two look fabulous together ♥.

Credit: sment

I’m really looking forward to seeing the release of this mv!

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EUNHAE *_____*.

I’m really rofling hard at the large bag Hyuk has on him XDDDDDD. He really looks adorable and too much like a little boy here <33. It’s bit freaky how fans were able to walk so close to Hyuk – gosh, he must be really patient ^^. It’d have been nice if the fans had given the boys a bit more personal space though.

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Hae talking about the splitting of money between members –  (Longest name for a linkage ever) Oh, the infamous Onew sangtae XDDDDDD! Everyone is in such a serious mood, and then Dubu opens his mouth. Need I reinstate how much I love this guy?? ONEW ILUSM ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Hae just has this smile which appears on his face, Minnie is first ‘??’ then LOL and Park Myung Su is just confused lmao. Key telling Onew off…that’s just love *-*. (Ooh, and Sungmin’s hair is getting longer <333. )

Who’s the best looking in SJ? – MIN IS SO QUICK WITH HIS ANSWER :DDDDD. And to say he’s better looking than Siwon…XDDDDD. Key laughs at Ming’s answer lol. I guess he has a different opinion on this matter. Hae is just too confident with himself LOL. And then acts so cute after he says he’s better looking than Jonghyun. Gosh, I love this bunch of dorks so much ♥♥♥.


Ok, I think that’s enough spam posting for today ^^”.

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