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A peek at SuJu’s flight plan to Bangkok, Thailand :). Omgsh how extremely stalker-ish is that?

From Korea to Bangkok

TG659 13:55pm

Leeteuk 12A
HeeChul 12B
Kyuhyun 12J
KiBum 12K
Yesung 14A
KangIn 14B
Ryeowook 14J
Shindong 15A
Sungmin 15B
Donghae 16A
Hangeng 16B
Siwon 22A
Eunhyuk 22B

TeukChulKyuBum <33. KangYeWook (Ahahaha, Yesung+Kangin?) :D:D. ShinMin ^^. HanHae :). SiHyuk OMG, does it remind anyone of THIS? XD

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WELL HELLO THERE, WHAT DO WE HAVE?! XD I think the fact that SuJu whipped out their phones/cameras amuses me more ;D. But the two of them look very cute indeed. Yunji…she’s so pretty *__*.

Kangin&Yunji KISS :D

And OMG, SIHYUK? LOLOLOL! Siwon is indeed the king of expressions. He looks so reluctant; LOOK AT HIS CRINGING FACE XDDD. Is that Yesung in the second photo, with the back of his head to the camera? Someone is looking terribly interested to see if their lips touch ;). Teuk just looks too amused and Yunji…she seems very wary of what may happen xP.

SiHyuk? EunWon?

Photo credit: seoulbeats

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OMG THEY WON!!! :DD I really should be doing work, but fandom is waaay too distracting. So uhh, I’ll just skip the spazzing a;kldjfs;lakdjflskdjSUJUILOVEYOUSOMUCHbutawwwwKibumwasn’tthereagain:(WHEREISHE?

‘Sorry Sorry’ performance

Winning + Encore – Gotta spazz a little with this video. I LOVE THEIR GROUP HUG *______*!! Can I be in the middle? But lol Heechul, why are you hugging Hongki instead of your group members?! And oooh, that’s 2AM dancing along with SuJu during the encore, right? :D:D I’ve mentioned this like ten thousand times, but omgsh SM LOVE <33333! Especially the part where Donghae pulls out Sunny (I think ^^;;) as she’s dancing.

[Video credit: CodeAnalysis]

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Firstly, before I watched the video, I was wondering what all the hype was about regarding the boys singing really well without music. My thought was that they’re singers, so obviously they’d at least have a decent voice. BOY WAS I WRONG. They sound so beautiful, so utterly heart melting; words can’t describe what I’m feeling right now.

[Video credit: joongbolove]

Their voices are so much love <33.

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Teukie :)

A;DLKFJS;LKFJAKDFJ, how totally cute is he? I think some netizens are reading too much into this though. It seems that he’s just being playful and pulling a funny face, that’s all :). And lol, is that JoKwon from 2am doing the ‘Sorry Sorry’ dance?

Here’s a video of the incident. Is that the 2am boys I see bowing to Teukie? ^^ I love how Yesung attempts to cam-whore, but fails XD. And then smiling so widely when JoKwon (I think..^^;;) dances a bit of the ‘Sorry Sorry’ choreography. Love love LOVE seeing Heechul ‘strangling’ Hongki! <333 But Hannie’s all alone at the back with the rest of SuJu XDDD.

[GIF source: allkpop] || [Video credit: kami0524]

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[Video credit: SJ3jib]

I came across this link on windowwatcher’s blog, and goshh, they’re so cute :):)! The members each have the mini photobook from their album and proceed to kiss their own (well, that’s what I’m assuming anyway) photo. I love Hae’s kiss ;D. And Min’s. And Kyu’s. And…I just like all of them, ‘kay? xD Ahh, if only Heechul, Hankyung and Kibum were there too.

Wow, for a split second at 0:53, I thought Yesung looked extremely like YongSaeng of SS501. Which isn’t actually that surprising, since when I first saw YongSaeng, I thought he looked really similar to Yesung XD.

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