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(If my memory serves me correctly, these screen caps are from ‘Unforgettable Love’, my absolute favourite of the boys’ series of Banjun dramas :D.)

Article here.

Changminnie! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I really loved his parts in DBSK’s ‘Banjun Dramas’ so I’m really looking forward to seeing how well he does in his official acting debut ^-^.

First Jaejoong made his acting debut, then Yunho was confirmed a few days ago, now Changmin ♥! I’m eagerly awaiting for the announcement that Yoochun and Junsu will have their share of acting soon xD.

Although…does this mean the boys won’t be together as DBSK as much now? I hope it doesn’t mean there’s no Korean album this year :/. But then again, we can’t have everything.


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It’s sweet of the boys to thank their fans ^^. Although, I think the highlight of this translation is “TEAM CHANCE”, aka, Changmin + Junsu :DD. I think if you say that in Japanese, it’ll probably sound like ‘chansu’…or something like that xD. Don’t quote me on it, I stopped learning Japanese years ago ^^”.

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Guess who?


How awesome does this pic look?! I dunno if this picture is well known to fans, but I came across it and thought it was amazing *__*. My question to you, who do you think he is? Although I think the answer’s pretty obvious ^^”.


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YooMin show how to count in English and WOAH, THEY GET TOUCHY-FEELY XDD. Changmin gives an embarassed giggle and then gets really into the role.



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He’s grown a year older again ^^! But gosh, he’s really young O__O. Only 21 years old AND DBSK DEBUTED LIKE FIVE YEARS AGO! That means he was sixteen when they debuted :O.

Sometimes, I can’t really believe he’s the youngest in DBSK; he acts so mature compared to some of the other members ^^;;.

Happy 21st Birthday Changmin~


창민오빠 생일축하!

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DBSK members’ voices

Since I made one for Super Junior, I decided to ask around and see whose voice stood out to fans when they first listened to DBSK’s songs. Here’s mine:

1. Yoochun
2. Junsu
3. Changmin (I sometimes got his voice mixed up with Junsu’s though, but as soon as I hear Junsu singing after his solo, I’d be like, no way, how can I confuse their voices o.o”? XD)
4. Jaejoong
5. Yunho (I’m still not entirely sure of what his voice sounds like really. He needs to get more lines!)

I dunno, I think some people say that Jae’s voice is really distinctive? That’s what my brother says anyway. But I found his voice just seemed to blend in so well with the songs, maybe that’s why Yoochun’s voice really stood out to me.

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