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Heechul sounds amazing! I remember how he once said that he doesn’t exactly have a nice voice, but I really think it suits the style of this song. He never ceases to amaze me <3.

To Heechul’s first solo! ♥

Credit: randomRinnie


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THIS GUY. He sure knows how to fanservice *___*.

2009.10.12 19:19

Heechul,Super Junior,Hangeng,Siwon
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Heechul’s NGs for THG

IT’S SUBBED!!! Oh dear Heechul, why must you be so hilarious? ♥♥ Especially the end! “Hey SuJu members, I need some help! I can’t remember the lyrics.” LMAOOOOOO!!!!!!! YOU’RE AMAZING HEECHUL. How is it possible he’s able to remember other groups’ lyrics + dance but now SJ’s? XDDDDD

Credit: jaybirdm001

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Let me reveal the spazztic-ness that is Heechul before I crawl off to do some studying T__T.

LMAOOOOOOOOOO! Um, the only thing I caught at the beginning was “Kim Heechul” XDDD. Well, we’ll just ignore the fact that I don’t understand Korean. Heechul speaks so fast *__*.

Cracky!Heechul is too awesome for words. AND HIS DONGHAE PARODY!!!11!!111!oneoneone!! Crotch grabs! A;SLDKFJS;LDKJF. ILUHEECHUL.

Credit: randomRinnie

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LMAO Heechul *__*! He’s such a random dork; I swear his story makes no sense XD.

Watch the video~ A born entertainer, I tell you ♥.

A long long time ago, there was CatHeechul, whom though he looked very cute but his character wasn’t great. He really looked very very very handsome.
“Yah! Really handsome, really handsome!”
One day the fluctuating CatHeechul was suddenly fidgety.
“Ah~ It’s boring! Is there nothing to do?”
CatHeechul suddenly wanted to bring DragonHankyung & FishDonghae for an adventure.
So Fishy said, “Where are we going! Where are we going!”
DragonHankyung wasn’t happy at all, “I’m too tired! Go yourself! Silly!”
Then, PiggyDongdong suddenly appeared, snatching a poisoned apple to eat.
“Oh! Hyung! This is too great!” Saying this Dongdong opened a bottle of drink.
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Another reason to add to my growing list of ‘Reasons why I love HanChul’.


For some reason, I find Heechul’s shoulders super broad here o___o. BUT. That accents on his manliness, right? This boy – I have such mixed feelings for him. He’s so witty and random, but sometimes, his actions are just too weird and out there. The boys look super happy here. I wonder what Heechul’s pointing at.

Hahaha, I just realised, you catch a glimpse of !lostHyukkie and a bit of :DDD/Sungmin ^^.

Is anyone able to clarify when this is from? I’m assuming that it’s either the boys arriving at Taiwan or leaving (leaning more to the leaving side, since Hyuk is all ;_;).

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