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Kibum, is that you?!

*DOUBLETAKE* Is this why you haven’t been with SJ Kibum? Please come back with SJ when they promote their second song…at least ;____;. I’m happy he filmed with Kim Bum though :).

Kibum: We start

Kibum: We start Photo credit as tagged.


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They’re to appear on SMAPxSMAP for some BOF promotions. Here’s some photos of F4 and Goo Hye Sun at the airport. They all look so tired.

Lee Minho

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Remember the 36 second teaser? Samsung has now released the full CF, which is in the form of a music video. And OMG, BRAIN IMPLOSION. So much SoEul love <3333! I swear, if they ever star in a drama together and are a couple, I WILL WATCH IT. No matter how boring the rest of the drama is. Because they are so worth it *__*.

I love Ga Eul’s ‘magic trick’ with the phone :). And at the end when she saw Ee Jung had photos of her on his phone; :DDDDD! Gosh, the PD’s evil; HE DIDN’T LET PEOPLE SEE THE TWO OF THEM KISS. ‘Cos they so did. We couldn’t see it ;D.

[Video credit: wondersmurf]

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They are so cute *______*. So couple-y and compatible and all sorts of gooey stuff which makes us fans go ‘awwwww’. Hee :). But So Eun doesn’t seem like she wants to be together with Kim Bum in the CF..? :(And LOLOL, Boom is in the CF too?! Hahahah! Just…watch ^^.

[Video credit: wondersmurf]

I can’t wait for part 2!

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Awwwwww, this picture is so sweet ^^. I really miss BOF; gotta catch up on it soon :).

Ee Jung-Ga Eul

Photo credit: allkpop

Asd;flkdsjlf;sj! Love SoEul couple <33.

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Wheeeeeeeeeee! I’ve been looking forward to this for years! :)  There’s going to be yet another OST album, which will be called ‘F4 Special Edition’. Each member of F4 will be covering a song (solos!) of their choice. HyunJoong’s song is “행복이란” (Thing Called Happiness), which was first sung by Jo Kyung Soo back in the ’70’s.

Download HyunJoong’s cover here.

Download credit: dramabeans


I can’t wait to hear how Kim Bum sings :D.

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