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Henry,Zhou Mi

These photos are pure win simply because Zhou Mi has the brightest :DDDDD/ expression ♥. Apparently, the two of them went shopping whilst the SJ members were having their press conference for SSII in Thailand.

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THIS GUY. He’s just too sweet and squishy ♥♥♥♥♥♥. I love how he’s still referring to Geng’s legs as ‘short’ XD. ‘Happy Camp’ is forever going to be one of my favourite variety shows with SJ-M guesting <3.

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Asd;lfsjd;lfkj;ldkjfasld I feel terrible for Mi. I want to go up to him and wrap him up into a tight hug, but at the same time, I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING! XDDDDD I’m such a horrible fan, but Mi was so adorable when he just cut himself off and stopped singing the last note. He must have been pretty embarrassed, poor boy ;~;. Kyu cracking up so much was a bit unexpected though. He must have been feeling hyper that day >:D. I love the hug he gave Mi at the end. QMI *__________*!

Oh, but Ryeowookie! He carried on so professionally ♥♥♥♥♥. And nailed all the high notes too *__*! I always knew I love him the most for a reason. Wookie ♥__♥.

Credit: kahboon

Although…it was a tad unprofessional of Kyu to be laughing like that .___. And this is said through very bias-clouded eyes. At least it was only a recording. I’m sure Kyu would have kept his composure if it were a live event ^^.

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Super Junior M,Super Junior,Zhou Mi

(I love this photo of Mi. He looks so smiley and happy, as;dlkfjsldfj *squishes*)

This fan account is really adorable. Zhou Mi is growing on me so much these days that it’s kind of scaring me. Boy, why do you make me feel this way? *___*

Translator note:

the ones in >> () brackets are MY NOTES.
the ones in >> [] square brackets are the fan’s
and these>> – – dashes, are expressions written by the fan

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Gosh, I can’t believe I forgot to do a birthday post for him yesterday.

Zhou Mi

A man who definitely deserves way more love than what he gets.

周觅, 生日快樂!!

Happy 23rd, Zhou Mi! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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[Video credit: chewnait]

I came across this video on windowwatcher’s wp and loled hard for a good 10 minutes at Zhou Mi’s Engrish. I love him to death, but he’s got such a heavy accent ^^. My initial reaction to the ‘subtitles’ was ROFLMAO XDDD; then okkk-it’s-getting-a-bit-annoying-I-know-the-person-is-making-fun-of-MiMi-out-of-love-I-hope-but-still-I’m-beginning-to-hate-them, and finally, whatever-I’ll-just-keep-rofling-at-Zhou Mi’s-Engrish :D:D.

I’m not entirely familiar with this song except for the ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ part XDD (I know, I FAIL), so I had to look up the lyrics to the song. And I don’t know, but are there like heaps of versions of this song out there? This was the closest lyrics I could find to what was sang.

There’s a calm surrender to the rush of day
When the heat of a rolling world can be turned away
An enchanted moment, and it sees me through
It’s enough for this restless warrior just to be with you

And can you feel the love tonight
It is where we are
It’s enough for this wide-eyed wanderer
That we got this far
And can you feel the love tonight
How it’s laid to rest
It’s enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best

Oh dear Zhou Mi. He’s got a REALLY nice voice, but uhhh, stick with Chinese maybe? ^^;;

I keep on replaying the video though and just loling to myself. Does that make me a bad fan? :P

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