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I’m going to change the way I rate my weekly top 20 from this week onwards ^^. It’ll still be based on my play counts, but also on how much I enjoy the song. I don’t think that made much sense .___. Just because I’ve listened to a song repeatedly doesn’t mean I actually love the song, it may have just been what I felt like at the moment.

20. Fahrenheit – 雨是眼淚
19. Super Junior M – U
18. Utada Hikaru – Apple and Cinnamon
17. Zhang Li Yin – 星愿
16. Super Junior – Mirror
15. Linda Chung & Steven Ma – 小故事
14. Super Junior – Heartquake
13. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
12. T-ara & Supernova – TTL
11. Alex Fong – 如果世上沒傻瓜
10. DBSK – Miduhyo
09. Super junior KRY – The one I love
08. SS501 – One only day
07. Super Junior – Let’s not
06. Jungmin ft. Jisun – If you cannot
05. Super Junior M – Blue Tomorrow
04. SS501 – Wasteland
03. Super Junior – It’s You
02. SS501 – Love like this

01. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong


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It’s that time of the week again! :) So, out of the 260 songs I’ve listened to this week, here are my Top 20:

20. DBSK – Runaway
19. T-Max – Say Yes
18. SS501 – WANT IT
17. Super Junior – You’re My Endless Love
16. Fahrenheit – 動脈
15. Nicholas Teo – 不要再聽他寫的歌了
14. Super Junior T – Rokkugo
13. Fahrenheit – 佔有
12. Nicholas Teo – 爸爸媽媽
11. SHINee – Stand by me
10. SS501 – Obsess (중독…)
09. SS501 – One Only Day (하루만)
08. DBSK – Wrong Number
07. SHINee – Best Place
06. Raymond, Ron, Kenneth, Sammul – 風暴
05. Fahrenheit – 不會愛
04. KyuMinWook – 센드빌 Logo Song
03. Kevin Cheng & Myolie Wu – 有意
02. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

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Hmmm, 7 Cpop songs making it into Top 20?! Gosh, I think I actually expanded beyond Kpop this week! XD

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Over on channelv (register and vote here!), they have this ‘battle’ of the most popular pop artistes in Asia. I think it’s just some website poll thing, but correct me if I’m wrong ^^. Some of the artistes battling it out include:

♦ Big Bang vs. THSK (They’re representing Japan) [Guess who’s winning? xD]
♦ Lollipop vs. Fahrenheit [Fahrenheit’s in the lead]
♦ NewS vs. Super Junior [SuJu <33! :D]
♦ BoA vs. Jolin Tsai [BoA’s waaay ahead]
♦ S.H.E vs. Wonder Girls [WG are winning]

If you want to vote, you have to sign up. Voting progress can be seen HERE.

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Wow, DBSK beat SuJu by double the votes, and SuJu beat everyone else by over double the votes ;).

(More than 50 million votes)
2. Super Junior
(More than 25 million votes)
3. Rain
(More than 2 million votes)
4. Wonder Girls
(More than 8 hundred thousan votes)
5. BigBang
(More than 8 hundred thousan votes)
6. SS501
7. FT.island
8. Xing
9. Super Nova
10 . SHINee
11 . Kat-tun
12 . BoA
13 . Epik High
14 . NEWS
15 . lolli pop
16 . Fahrenheit
17 . Seven
18 . So Nyeo Shi Dae
19 . Arashi
20 . U-kiss
21 . ZhangLiyin
22 . Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace
23 . 2pm
24 . Teppei
25 . Hey ! Say ! Jump
26 . Battle
27 . Paran
28 . Kara
29 . Yaya yah!
30 . Jay Chou , X-JAPAN

Note: The number of votes depended on credit cards spent.

source: Korean Magazine
credit: Siamzone + shineeTH + SHINeee
translated by: kika@ shineee

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Just one day after it was official that Won Bin is leaving the group, a new member is already announced. F&C Music sure is quick when it comes to replacing members =/.

Song Seung Hyun

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Ohh, and since it’s Sungmin’s birthday today, a happy birthday too XD.

Wow, I can’t believe 2008 has already ended O__O. It doesn’t feel like long ago I was sitting in class learning all that was required for the HSC. And now it’s the first day of 2009, a new beginning. Looking back, what exactly happened last year?

Excluding the fact that year 12 officially began, I guess what really changed in 2008 was my music taste. Besides the HSC, music really became a dominant part of my life, which is actually really odd, if you knew me before my obssession began ^^”. Before I re-entered the world of Cpop, Kpop and a tiny, tiny amount of Jpop. I really didn’t listen to any music. At all. The only English songs I would know were the ones from 2-3 years ago, i.e. 2005-06 ish o___o. And even then, I hardly knew any songs. Not that songs are meant to play a big part of my life, but compared to now, it really wasn’t a lot.

It’s funny how it was my Vietnamese friend who lead me back into Cpop, with her singing Guang Liang’s ‘童話’ throughout class ^__^. Then she started liking Wu Chun from Fahrenheit and I gained interest in the band. And as a result of Fahrenheit+S.H.E collabs, I began to like S.H.E too.  However, all because of my brother, a part of the Kpop world was revealed to me. Although his interest in DBSK did not attract my attention initially, him laughing in front of the computer when watching ‘Super Junior Fullhouse’ certainly did. And thus I began my journey into Kpop fandom. ‘SuJu Fullhouse’ did not satisfy my hunger for more of SuJu’s cracktastic behaviour, and so I moved on to EHB. After that, it was watching their MVs, listening to their songs, watching the shows they appeared on as guests, etc. Not long after, DBSK began to grow on me, not because of SuJu’s collab with them in ‘Show me your love’, but because of their song ‘Hi Ya Ya’. Because really, who can not love that song ♥♥♥? I do think ‘Purple Line’ played a part too in igniting my interest in them too. Soon, Wonder Girls’ three ‘mania’ songs caught my attention and even though I don’t really follow them, it did open up my Kpop knowledge to including girls as well lol.

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