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Because this guy is just too adorable and sweet. He gives fans too much credit, whatever happened to all his and the members’ hard work? ^^ Another reason to add to my ‘Why I love Ryeowook so much’ list :D.

thank you E.L.F. ^^
09.11.22 00:06

before Super Junior released 3jib in the first half of the year..
i thought of how i was counting down the days with my fingers and praying during recording while doing activities in china~^^
that together with the members 3jib will do well and all the praying a year past~
praying helps but without ‘ELF’ our album will not be able to do this well^^ thank you so much~~ sincerely !!
even though i can’t watch tv in china* it seems fun~ hyehye
let’s have fun together at the next award show~ㅋ !!

* he meant that he can’t watch MAMA

source; fill me in ryeowook
translated by; carolyn @ sj-world.net

Oh, and please blame the lack of updates due to exams. They’re obviously no fun and definitely not as interesting as internet stalking Super Junior, but are here nonetheless.


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Today’s emotion ♥ Loving you

Super Junior M fans~~wear lots of clothes so you don’t catch a cold~^^understand? hehe

Credit: Ryeowook’s chinese CY
Translated by ★__shazzii@spazzishazzii.wordpress.com
Take out with full credits!

As;ldkjfs always so caring, our Ryeowook ♥.

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Ryeowook sel-cams

ADORABLE. And it’s such a gorgeous photo of him ^^.

[7.11.09] Ryeowook sel-caming; posted by him on his fancafe

Credit to: Fill me in Ryeowook + ryeo-wook.com for reuploading

This is just too cute ♥. Ryeowooke looks really good here :D. Apparently he posted this on his fancafe.

As;dlkfjas;lkdjf I love his fingers. They look really long, just like a pianist’s hand should look :).

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[16.10.09] CCTV interview

Just an excuse for me to spam my love. MY BIAS~~! *__________* He looks really gorgeous in these pics, so I just had to share ♥.

DOES ANYONE ELSE LOVE THE BARBIE DOLLS. XDDDDDDDDD I really should watch this asap <3.

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And this, THIS is why I love Ryeowook so much ♥♥. His sweetness, his humbleness, his talent, his adorableness…gahhh *___*.

09.10.12 03:29

shaking and… i felt very nervous.

in fact you can’t see it because i always conceal it well..

our* first peformance in Korea… to be able to stand on a big stage like that i’m really thankful~

to be able to see ELF in such a historical place ….

as if i will never get a chance to go again… i will remember yesterday for all my life~^^

we’ll start now^^

i’m going to china tomorrow everyone please be careful of the flu bug~! even though i’ll be making several trips in and out of korea..

will miss you!~ we

i love you.

– 2009. 10 Ryeowook –

* our – SJM

Source: fill me in ryeowook
Translated by carolyn @ sj-world.net

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I’ve got an eternal bias towards this guy and…yeah. He just looked to fabulous in these photos; I could not not share them ^^.

I love that his hair is growing out again :). Wookie looks better with longer hair, imo. As;ldfkj *squishes* He looks too handsome in these photos, capturing him when he’s doing what he loves ♥.

Ryeowook,Super Junior M

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