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Making of ‘Heading to the Ground’

Argh wp just failed on me @#$%&! So, a single sentence summary instead ‘cos I have lots of work to do T__T.

Cassies are truly awesome. Actually, I find it a little hard to believe that the filming was able to run so smoothly ^^;;.

Credit: OneTVXQ


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Yunho’s drama previews

So, hawt soccer player vs. half-naked Yunho vs. dorky Yunho; which one do you pick? XDDD

Credit: dirah9303

Second preview

The first episode will be aired on September 9th. If I’m really honest though, I don’t think the drama plot looks all that interesting. At least, it doesn’t appeal to me. Still, JUNG YUHO IS ACTING IN IT, so that’s good enough of a reason to watch it, y/y? ^^

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Yunho’s a chicken

Well hello there XDDD;;;;;. Oh dear Yunho, why do you make such an adorable chicken? *___*

Leader here dresses up as a chicken for his upcoming drama ‘Heading to the Ground (Without Preparation)’. I’d love to have a pet chicken just like him ;D.

He makes the cutest chicken – smiley faced chicken ♥.


Yunho,DBSK Yunho,DBSK Yunho,DBSK DBSK,Yunho Yunho,DBSK Yunho,DBSK

Photos credit as tagged.

The balloons remind me of ‘Balloons’ XD. And with the chicken suit…just like Balloon days, y/y? ;)

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Yunho to star in a drama

Asd;lfkjasd;klfjasd;lkfj! Read article here.

Leader’s going to be acting as an aspiring soccer player ^^. (Although when I heard it was going to be a soccer player character, I immediately thought the role was perfect for Junsu :)). I hope the rest of the DongBang boys will make some sort of cameo role in the drama ♥. And wow, airing on September 9th!? That’s pretty soon ^^.

I will definitely be on the lookout for this drama. I’m still waiting rather impatiently for Jae’s ‘Heaven’s Postman’ to air ;__;.

Now I feel like rewatching their Banjun dramas :D.

First JJ, now Leader. I wonder who’s going to be next? Changmin please ♥___♥.

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Yunho to star in a drama?

Remember this? It seems that Yunho has been invited to act in a drama, but he hasn’t accepted just yet.

Yunho for acting?

Ooh, Minho may be acting in it as well? Hmm, I had thought it was going to be a Japanese drama, but if Minho’s going to be in it…unless he’s been secretly learning Japanese, I highly doubt it’ll be a J-drama ^^”.

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Yunho’s handwriting

Take a look at his handwriting as a kid ^^.

Yunho's letter to God

According to dd at SYC, the letter translates to this:

It is hard to make out some of the lines but the first thing he asks for is healing for for someone he knows is ill, he is really concerned about that person’s health. Also he talks about his worries,wanting to do well in school but having so much work outside of schoolwork. Asks if he is being selfish for asking stuff for himself. Last part I don’t understand.

Oh yeah, I should mention it is a letter to God.

As;dlkfjsd;lkajdf;lk how extremely cute is that? ♥♥♥♥ I admire how he hasn’t let fame and fortune blind him; such a faithful person *___*.

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