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Ads;fklasjd;lfkjas;dlfkjads;!!!!! This kid is reallyyyyyyyy cute ♥♥. And! EunTeuk dancing on their knees with the boy…XDDDD;;;;;! My gosh, what a combo –  adorkable boys plus little cutie ♥.

Credit: stuporsteam

Can’t wait till this episode of Star King is subbed ^^.


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There are so many photos of the boys! :DDD Apparently, the photoshoot took place at Hung Hom Ferry Pier (Kowloon side). Omg, I have relatives living there. I wonder if my cousin is a fan…. XDDD.

Here’s a fancam of the boys – fans weren’t joking when they said the boys didn’t respond at all. Perhaps this wasn’t meant to be such a public photoshoot….afterall, fans do make things like a photoshoot a tiny bit more difficult to do ^^;;;.

Credit: cherish1112

I hear people speaking in English in the background. Except…they seem to be mocking SJ..? :/

I don’t usually post a whole heap of photos since there are heaps of people who do that already, but this time round, I will. I mean, the boys are in HK! :D That’s like already an explosive-spazz worthy combination for me XDD. SJ+HK=hyperactive spazzy fangirl ♥. (Although, if it were SJ+HK+me in HK…gosh, I’d be dying ^^)

Kibum fans, Kibum is no longer mia! :DD Be ready for some major pic spam ♥.

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Super Junior

Apparently, the boys are doing a photoshoot in HK ♥! Donning winter clothes and all in lovely, sweltering HK summer. Oh boys, how much more can I love you? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Read the article here.

The boys look rather tired though :/. Hopefully they still have enough time and energy to enjoy HK ^^.

Super Junior Super Junior Super Junior Super Junior

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EDIT 2: Updated the news. Turns out SSII will be in Beijing on January 23rd. :DDDDDD!!

Super Junior’s Second Asia Tour used the title
for the theme of a Concert in Seoul, Asia Tour’s most important,
Beijing Destination has been revealed, Super Junior’s Beijing Station
is hosted by Beijing Arts Company, the Concert is being held on
Jan 23rd, 2010 at Olympic Basketball Stadium, This is
Super Junior’s first time holding a concert in Beijing.

Considering the viewer’s pleasures, this concert will have
the same set-up as the original concert in Korea, 13 people will
put on their best performance, this Beijing concert is not only
to interact with the fans, it’s also a time to have fun with fans
from all over Asia, together with Super Junior they’ll have a crazy experience.
Super Junior’s Fans, Are you Ready ? See you in Beijing!

Source: korea.sohu.com & sjbluecn
Credit: eunmi@sj-world.net

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SJH~ I never knew the boys did a fansign. And they look so fine too *__*. Shindong isn’t here though, for some reason.

Ahhh, the dorkiness that is SJ XD. I heart these boys to no end ♥♥.

Super Junior H

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I love it already and I’ve only listened to 49 seconds of the song. Yay for non-faily Yoochun rap :DDD! Lovelovelove the Chun-English at the beginning, despite slightly lol-ing at the fact that he almost always starts off a song with English. At least it makes sense this time XDD. And Jae’s voice! So sweet and beautiful – his adlibs at the beginning were wonderful *-*.

Credit: farahyuchun3

And! How insanely beautiful are the covers?! ♥♥♥

CD version                                 DVD version
DBSK,Jaejoong,Yoochun DBSK,Jaejoong,Yoochun

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