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I’m really only digging Yongsaeng’s colour photo. Idk, Leader and Kyu look…weird ://. I do like their black and white ones though.

Gosh, Yongsaeng looks gorgeoussss *-*. And Leader looks really smexed up in the b&w photos ♥. Kyu has better hair much, much better hair in the b&w photos ^^. Really, who decided to give him that gelled hair ‘geek’ look? D;

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FIRST OFF; WUSS UP??!?!!!11?! I thought the uploader typed up the wrong title at first since I swear I heard ‘wassup’ XD. At least, that was what I hoped I heard. It was totally shattered though, when I saw ‘Wuss Up’ at the end of the teaser. Beceause honestly, WUSS UP? .____.

DDD: Oh Kyujong, what happened with the eyeliner?? BUT VERY HOT AND SMEXY AT 0.13 :Q_________.

Credit: hoonfami

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Once again, fangirls are able to prove themselves as stalkers :P. Err, not that the photos were taken by fangirls or anything >__>.


In the bag:

→ Samsung Anycall’s Haptic mobile phone
→ A pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses
→ Kiehls Lip Balm
→ KRW 10,000 in his wallet
→ A folded t-shirt
→ 80 GB iPod touch

LOL what?! Leader only has $10.70 (AUSD) in his wallet? XDD Compare this to his branded items x).

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Ahhh, this song is so pretty ♥♥. And the boys sound so wonderfully awesome singing it live.

It’s great seeing BoF doing so well, especially with its ratings drawing ever so close to East of Eden‘s one :). I must watch episodes 5&6 soon; ever since coming back from camp, I’ve had so much catching up with fandom to do xD. Plus Uni stuff have kept me busy for awhile and gosh, I’ve got too many videos to watch ><;;.

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I had thought I was getting over my very big obsession for SS501’s song ‘UR Man’, but after watching the fourth episode of Boys Over Flowers, I’m beginning to love this song a whole lot more again. I found it hilarious that they made a cameo appearance in this episode; a nice bit of promotion for the boys, no ^^? Really, the whole ‘slipping’ them into the pub scene was just too subtle XD. I’m not complaining though, since they were performing such a nice song ♥♥.

Without subs here.

I was trying to find caps of the mv, but it doesn’t seem like there’s any out there..? Or I just fail at googling -.- Besides the mv, check out their performance in the Korean HYD. I have no idea whereabouts it is in the whole one hour and four minute video (somewhere in the middle?) despite only watching it this morning. But hey, all the more reason to watch the ENTIRE drama ^^”. Because IT. IS. GOOD. Plus, K-Domyoji (Jun Pyo, I think. I always forget his name -_-) STRAIGHTENS HIS HAIR IN THIS EPISODE! Just for K-Makino (Geum Jan Di :) Yay, I actually remembered her name~!). All this because she said previously that she didn’t like his hair. And the fact that he didn’t wear the school uniform. And a whole lot more too :D.

How did my spazz over ‘UR Man’ turn into one for Boys Over Flowers?

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