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A;DLKFJAD;SLFJA;LDSKJFA;LDKJ, IT IS JUST TOO FULL OF CRACK :DDDDD!! I love how the SuJu boys are always so high and adorkable and just so childish in general ♥♥♥♥♥. My heart is bursting with love for them ^^;;.

It’s kind of sad, since vinchenzo29’s youtube channel got suspended, it had so many SGB episodes with English subs T___T! Buuuut, it’s ok, since she (he?) now has a wordpress account :). AND IT HAS EP. 50 OF WGM ♥!♥!♥!♥!

Click here to watch cracktastic!SJ on WGM :DDD!

It’s the first three parts of the episode :).

You know, I never realised Ryeowook spoke so much ^^ see my bias showing? XD. But WOW, I hear his voice a lot and the cameraman seems to like him; he’s always on screen :). Gosh, I love these boys to bits ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.


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Hannie updated his cyworld and mentioned SJM’s upcoming album ♥♥♥! The release of this album probably won’t happen anytime soon, considering SuJu’s only just started promoting their third album, but YESS! I really look forward to their second album; I want to hear more original songs, unlike the first album where there were like a gazillion remakes ^^;;.

Here’s the cyworld entry.

Hi everyone~!
Time has passed by so fast, it feels like it has been a year in a blink of an eye.
Last year on April 8, it was the first time SJ-M started on China’s stage, and you were all by our side supporting and cheering for us,
I’m grateful for all the happy times you’ve spent with us in this one year, the ups and downs we’ve gone through, and all that you’ve walked through with us……
Everyone’s hard work, we’ve seen it all, without you all, there won’t be SJ-M today.
Now, amidst SJ’s 3Jib promotions, we have also been preparing SJ-M’s 2nd Mandarin album,
I believe the new album will definitely bring a new feeling to everyone, will show you a different SJ-M!!
Hope that you all will continue supporting us and well as anticipate our new album,
once again, I thank everyone from their support this past year, you are all our motivation,
we, SJ-M will continue working hard. I love you all!

Credit: ilovejr@wordpress.com


Maybe this will happen sometime near the end of the year and they will also happen to be promoting in HK so that I can see them when I go back.

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