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These boys are really too sweet ^^. Remember the video of the boys smashing cake onto Henry’s face? I think these pics are of the celebration before it went errrr…a bit wild XD.

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Henry,Zhou Mi

These photos are pure win simply because Zhou Mi has the brightest :DDDDD/ expression ♥. Apparently, the two of them went shopping whilst the SJ members were having their press conference for SSII in Thailand.

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Henry,Zhang Li Yinn,Zhang Li Yin

As;ldkjfs;lkdjf lthese pics are adorable!♥ Embedded pic is my absolute fave ^^.

Henry,Zhang Li Yin Henry,Zhang Li Yin

Credits: Henry Baidou Bar
Reupload: Izurei @ sj-world.net

Sorry, this is a really lazy update :(. I’m swamped with my last few assignments before my exams start, omg </3.

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No offense, but this, this is utter crap. That’s me being really blunt.

ZLY can do with so much better, but this is what she ends up getting? ;___; I’m not liking the path SME is leading her down. This girl has got such a magnificent and powerful voice, but why does she seem to be drawing the short straw?

Credit: jenp00able

I’m honestly not liking this. Not even Henry featruing in the song makes me like it any more.

As;dklfj;slakdjf SME, please let the girl sing some proper songs. Ones which show off her wonderful vocals, maybe?

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Oh gosh. HENHAE. AND HYUK. And lots of SM love goodies.

Credit: sment


I think I heard some girls in there too? SNSD? f(x)? LOL, idk. BUT SM LOVE IS SO, SO AWESOME.

I need more footage of this ;~;. Allow me to reiterate. SM LOVE! ♥♥♥♥

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Super Junior M,Super Junior,Zhou Mi

(I love this photo of Mi. He looks so smiley and happy, as;dlkfjsldfj *squishes*)

This fan account is really adorable. Zhou Mi is growing on me so much these days that it’s kind of scaring me. Boy, why do you make me feel this way? *___*

Translator note:

the ones in >> () brackets are MY NOTES.
the ones in >> [] square brackets are the fan’s
and these>> – – dashes, are expressions written by the fan

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Ok, why have I not seen this before? This is too cute omg <33! Hae is such a kid; he’s growing on me so much these days ♥♥.

Basically, Hae tells Henry to quickly perform (kuai, kuai~~ ^^), probably ‘cos he wants to show off his awesome violin skills as well xD. And then OMG HE HANDS OVER HIS VIOLIN, SAYING THAT IT’S A FAKE ONE ROFLMAO. Oh Hae, you made me crack up so much <3. He takes Henry’s violin and yells at Henry for correcting his hold; WO ZHI DAO LAAAAA~~~~ By this stage, I think everyone is full expecting him to play something ‘pro’, similar to Henry, BUUUUT HE STARTS TO PLAY ‘TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR’ INSTEAD XDDDD. Honestly, I was literally rofling by this stage; HOW EXTREMELY CUTE IS HAE? ♥____♥!! I love how Henry is pointing at the places for his fingers to hold. And Hae’s ending pose… XDD.

Credit: CheeneekAho3

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