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‘2009, Year of Us’ – Minho


MINHO! I’ve always thought he was handsome, but this! THIS BOY IS GORGEOUS.

I’d prefer his hair to be a tad shorter, but damn he’s good looking *___*. And I love what he’s wearing. Definitely more mature now <3.

As;dkflj he’s got such long eyelashes ♥. He’s so pretty ^O^.

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Yunho to star in a drama?

Remember this? It seems that Yunho has been invited to act in a drama, but he hasn’t accepted just yet.

Yunho for acting?

Ooh, Minho may be acting in it as well? Hmm, I had thought it was going to be a Japanese drama, but if Minho’s going to be in it…unless he’s been secretly learning Japanese, I highly doubt it’ll be a J-drama ^^”.

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Each member gets to film a 36 second CF :). Only Taemin’s and Minho’s ones have been released so far. And OMGSHHH THEY’RE SO CUTE!♥

Taemin’s CF

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Korean HYD: Ep.1

It’s good *_________*. REALLY GOOD~~! Even though I love the first episode on the whole, I did especially enjoy it when HyunJoong put on Mario & Nesty (Nasty?)’s “Never Say Goodbye” from My Girl xD. I like the girl who plays Geum Jan Di; she shows a different side of the character Tsukushi imo. I’m not going to go into detail of the drama, partly because it’s late and I need to sleep and also because it’s a MUST WATCH! The guy who plays Tsukasa (I can’t remember the Korean character name just yet ><) – the actor is Lee Minho, I think – kind of reminds of Siwon at times. The way he looks, that is. So far, I prefer his character over Matsumoto Jun; he’s less aggressive and doesn’t easily fly into a temper. Of course, this is only after watching the first episode, so all this might change by the end of the second one ^^;.

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I watched this mv purely because I wanted to see what all the fuss about SNSD was.

The mv is…not what I expected. I liked the beginning where the girls were all mannequins, but that’s about it. Oh, and the fact that Minho appeared in the mv is a bonus of course ^^. I swear he looks more mature than his age; is it 16?  17? Anyway, back to the mv. It’s just too repetitive for my taste, I think. The whole repeating of almost every single word just really annoyed me. And the heels they were wearing o___o. How do they dance in them? But it may be just me overreacting

I like the way they used the blackboard throughout the mv and also at the end though. I don’t know why, it really caught my attention. I’m a little weird, I know. I just don’t get the story of the mv. Why are they mannequins coming to life and dancing around in a store only to leave a note saying Minho is the “Employee of the Month”?

I’m neither a fan of them nor hate them, so this is all from a very neutral perspective. I guess their style of music isn’t really my cup of tea =/.

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