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DBSK in Australia


Omg. Why is my life so screwed up???? So while I’m in Hong Kong, one of my Kpop infatuations (well, four out of the five boys anyway) decide to drop by Australia for a visit. For the first time in my life, allow me to say FML. FMLFMLFML. THIS TOTALLY SUCKS. And JaeChunSu are in Sydney. IN SYDNEY. WHILE I’M IN HONG KONG.

I rant. And rave. I hate this so much.


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DBSK at 2009 MAMA

The trio were, that is.

Credit: Eternalmerkamoon1

Watching the video makes me feel all gloomy and depressed. While the boys may have won the award for ‘Best Representative for Asia’, I just can’t seem to bring upon myself to be filled with happiness for them. THERE IS A SPLIT IN DBSK, DAMN IT. Despite them always assuring fans and saying that they’re still friends (which I believe they are), there is quite obviously unwanted build up of tension between the the members.

Just look at Jae on stage. I don’t think he’s lack of smile is due to holding back happy tears. So I may be reading too much from this, but it looks like he’s hurting from the situation quite a bit, especially since there aren’t five members on stage to receive the award. Has anyone realised that none of the boys are smiling?

As;ldkjf, sorry for the rant :(. I just need to get it out of my system.

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Yay to longer preview! Not that I understand any part of it…>___>.

Um. This looks really exciting *___*. Jaejoong looks gorgeous, but I’m also really anticipating seeing just how well his acting is. And omg, that kiss! Yummmy, ahaha XD. I’m honestly really looking forward to watching this.

Credit: spodocskpark3

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That kiss! As;ldkfjs;lfj I want to seeeeeeeeeee ^^.

Ahh, we can hear Jae singing the OST in the background too. Love ♥♥♥♥♥!

Credit: dirah9303

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I just couldn’t resist this photo ♥____♥.

These boys are gorgeous *___*. There really isn’t any other word which describes them. Especially Jae omg. Can he look any more beautiful?! I adore the embedded pic of him ♥.

I think these photos were shot so well <3. Quite tasteful, imo. Now if I could get my hands on the magazine… ;D.

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I really miss the DongBang boys :(. I was watching a few fancams of their concert in Shanghai the other day and it made me realise how long it’s been since I last saw them as a group together. As;dklfjas;ldkfj, I shouldn’t make you feel depressed too.

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JaeChun’s ‘Been So Long’

This song is actually not bad :)! Jae’s voice is sweet and awesome as usual, and Chun’s rapping isn’t half bad either ^^;;. I hear two rapping voices though; some are saying that Jae rapped as well, but imo it doesn’t really sound like him. Anyone can clarify that?

Credit: IknowUknow1

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