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Ads;fklasjd;lfkjas;dlfkjads;!!!!! This kid is reallyyyyyyyy cute ♥♥. And! EunTeuk dancing on their knees with the boy…XDDDD;;;;;! My gosh, what a combo –  adorkable boys plus little cutie ♥.

Credit: stuporsteam

Can’t wait till this episode of Star King is subbed ^^.


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There are so many photos of the boys! :DDD Apparently, the photoshoot took place at Hung Hom Ferry Pier (Kowloon side). Omg, I have relatives living there. I wonder if my cousin is a fan…. XDDD.

Here’s a fancam of the boys – fans weren’t joking when they said the boys didn’t respond at all. Perhaps this wasn’t meant to be such a public photoshoot….afterall, fans do make things like a photoshoot a tiny bit more difficult to do ^^;;;.

Credit: cherish1112

I hear people speaking in English in the background. Except…they seem to be mocking SJ..? :/

I don’t usually post a whole heap of photos since there are heaps of people who do that already, but this time round, I will. I mean, the boys are in HK! :D That’s like already an explosive-spazz worthy combination for me XDD. SJ+HK=hyperactive spazzy fangirl ♥. (Although, if it were SJ+HK+me in HK…gosh, I’d be dying ^^)

Kibum fans, Kibum is no longer mia! :DD Be ready for some major pic spam ♥.

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