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Let me reveal the spazztic-ness that is Heechul before I crawl off to do some studying T__T.

LMAOOOOOOOOOO! Um, the only thing I caught at the beginning was “Kim Heechul” XDDD. Well, we’ll just ignore the fact that I don’t understand Korean. Heechul speaks so fast *__*.

Cracky!Heechul is too awesome for words. AND HIS DONGHAE PARODY!!!11!!111!oneoneone!! Crotch grabs! A;SLDKFJS;LDKJF. ILUHEECHUL.

Credit: randomRinnie


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DBSK’s ’12:34′ is revealed

So the first thing I do after I come home from work is to check if DBSK’s song for the SMTown album has been released. My life is just so screwed up in so many ways. I need my life back plzzz.

Credit: XxtenerifexX

I’m too tired to think. My input – I like ballads. I like DBSK. Therefore I like this song.


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