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Yunho’s drama previews

So, hawt soccer player vs. half-naked Yunho vs. dorky Yunho; which one do you pick? XDDD

Credit: dirah9303

Second preview

The first episode will be aired on September 9th. If I’m really honest though, I don’t think the drama plot looks all that interesting. At least, it doesn’t appeal to me. Still, JUNG YUHO IS ACTING IN IT, so that’s good enough of a reason to watch it, y/y? ^^


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Sungmin’s lover…?

Sungmin! *______*Remember when Sungmin revealed he has a lover? XDDD Ok, so I’m just guessing here, but the appearance of a pink guitar is just too cute. Pink guitar = lover Min was referring to?

Sungmin,Super Junior

This is such a spam post, but hey, the photo deserves a post dedicated to it. I love it too much ♥♥♥♥.

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New SM girl group

Am sniggering at the completely ridiculous name this girl group will have XDDDDDDD. Somehow the name f(x) sort of reminds me of maths >___>. Just imagine this: Annyeonghasayo, Function of x imnida.


Ahem. Sorry. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m supposed to be doing my maths assignment right now instead of uh…taking a jab at f(x) ;D. Apparently, the name is pronounced Effect.

Anyway, check out the teaser. Female SHINee they are not, no matter what SM claims.

Credit: sment

I reckon there’s just too many female groups active right now, but that may be just me. That being said, I’ll probably end up liking these girls in the end. Over time, that is. I mean, I always thought SHINee was too young of a group to get into, and look what’s happened now ;__;. So, yes/no to new group?

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These boys *___*. Teuk’s cyworld entry was too sweet and touching to not post. And. Love his digs at Hyuk’s stinginess XDDD.

Leeteuk,Super Junior,Eeteuk,Eunhyuk

..It’s already the 10th year I’ve known my dongseng Hyukjae.. ^^

..When you first came to the place called SM.. You were that kid Junsu bragged about..

..Rap..Dance.. the one introduced as a really amazing friend..

..But truthfully.. you weren’t cool.. and you were really unfashionable..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

..We’d ride the 3rd subway line together.. ride the bus together and back..

..We shared so many conversations..

..Now, as we pass 3 years as radio DJ’s, we’ve really shared a lot of conversations..

..You’re the member who I’ve spent the most time with..nah.. my dongseng.. ^^

..When you’re dancing, you’re the brightest shining dancer ever!! You’re the best!!..

..Your charms and sense are the best.. I’ve been jealous more than once or twice…

..You fill the team to the brim with loving feelings.. you lovely guy..

..Whether it was before debut or now, you haven’t changed once, not one thing has changed..

..You’re seriously a guy without a conscience..ㅋㅋㅋ Whether its before or now, even if I don’t have cash..

..somehow you squeeze it out of me..ㅋㅋ

..”Hyung you’re buying right?” .. ㅋㅋㅋ

..”Because I’m the hyung, you should treat me..”ㅋㅋ

..”Huh? ..I thought hyung was paying?” .. ㅋㅋ

..We’ve met up so many times that I’m familiar with it now.. ㅋㅋ Please just buy for me once..ㅋㅋ

..It’s not enough that we wrap up our 10 years of memories in this place..

..Because in the future, we’ll be together for many more days..

..The time we’ve been together up till now was merely the start..

..”Hyukjae-ya I love you…”♥

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BRB, BAWLING MY EYES OUT T______________T.

Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo Arena
Date: 18th September 2009
Time: 8.30-10.30PM
Price (in HKD):
Standing – $988 (subject to changes)
Seating – $988 $788, $588, $388, $188 (subject to changes)

credits: Super Junior Hong Kong Fan Club
translated by: carolyn @ sj-world.net

IT’S SO FREAKING CHEAP. Whycan’tibetherewhycan’tibetherewhycan’tibetherewhycan’tibethere??

Omg. I was so excited for this, thinking it’d be sometime in Christmas. WHY, SM, WHY????????

I’m seriously terribly depressed right now. Not even the thought of fancams of the boys speaking fail Cantonese can cheer me up. SMEIHATEYOUSOMUCH.

Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo Arena
Date: 18th September 2009
Time: 8.30-10.30PM
Price (in HKD):
Standing – $988 (subject to changes)
Seating – $988 $788, $588, $388, $188 (subject to changes)

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[Mod Post] Hotlinking my pics


For those of you who don’t know what hotlinking is:

Hotlinking is simply taking my image links and sharing them with others.

So when you copy and paste a link to my images, you are hotlinking.

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