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First off;

**RUMOUR** DBSK is going to disband.

Official statement (by the boys’ lawyer)

“The members don’t want to disband, but they just feel that the contract is ridiculous. Right now, the things each of the three members want is a little different, however, the relationship between the members is still unaffected, as they still want to be one.”

{credit: allkpop}

Ok. Rumour clarified.

Now, articles 1 || 2 || 3

Taken from third article:

Also, the 3 members have came out earlier today to reveal their stand on the case, “The reason of our discord with the company is the unjust contract conditions. We do not want disband.

Is that a hint at the rumoured ‘slave contracts’ or what? ._____. Or well, I could just be thinking too much. But I’m totally siding with the we-want-just-that-little-more-freedom side. Get my drift? :D

Oh, and apparently SM’s stock is sliding ever since all this DBSK business wriggled its way into the media. Check it out here.

I’d be lying if I say I’m not just that tiny bit happy about that >:D.

Plz SM, after this is solved, take a look at the other artistes you have too, ‘kay?


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