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Hae talking about the splitting of money between members –  (Longest name for a linkage ever) Oh, the infamous Onew sangtae XDDDDDD! Everyone is in such a serious mood, and then Dubu opens his mouth. Need I reinstate how much I love this guy?? ONEW ILUSM ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Hae just has this smile which appears on his face, Minnie is first ‘??’ then LOL and Park Myung Su is just confused lmao. Key telling Onew off…that’s just love *-*. (Ooh, and Sungmin’s hair is getting longer <333. )

Who’s the best looking in SJ? – MIN IS SO QUICK WITH HIS ANSWER :DDDDD. And to say he’s better looking than Siwon…XDDDDD. Key laughs at Ming’s answer lol. I guess he has a different opinion on this matter. Hae is just too confident with himself LOL. And then acts so cute after he says he’s better looking than Jonghyun. Gosh, I love this bunch of dorks so much ♥♥♥.


Ok, I think that’s enough spam posting for today ^^”.


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Ok, WTF?????? This has got to be the cheapest MV produced by SM in quite awhile (although DBSK’s supposed ‘Are you a good girl’ mv comes close .____.). And what’s with the random bunnies hopping across the screen? o___o

I guess this is the only way we can see Kibum’s face again :/. Did you see the KiChul? ;___; They looked like they were really enjoying themselves.

Credit: z00mgg

I’m utterly disappointed.

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Dubu loves Kim So Eun


Onew, why do you do this to me? DDDD; iluiluiluiluILUSSM *_________________*.

Onew & Kim So Eun - Clride.n Photoshoot

So yeah, Onew and KSE posing for Clride.n and their autumn collection. The rest of the photoshoot will be released later.


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Yunho’s a chicken

Well hello there XDDD;;;;;. Oh dear Yunho, why do you make such an adorable chicken? *___*

Leader here dresses up as a chicken for his upcoming drama ‘Heading to the Ground (Without Preparation)’. I’d love to have a pet chicken just like him ;D.

He makes the cutest chicken – smiley faced chicken ♥.


Yunho,DBSK Yunho,DBSK Yunho,DBSK DBSK,Yunho Yunho,DBSK Yunho,DBSK

Photos credit as tagged.

The balloons remind me of ‘Balloons’ XD. And with the chicken suit…just like Balloon days, y/y? ;)

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I’ve missed Hyuk and Dong’s rapping <333. A nice and poppy song, imo. Of course, bias has nothing to do with me liking the song >___>. LOVE Wook’s “I want kiss kiss kiss” XDDDD. Yeah, fobby English is love ♥. I need to look up the lyric translations to this; Kangin composed them, right?

Credit: XxtenerifexX

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Eunhyuk writes in English ^^

He typed his cyworld entry in English *___*. This boy, he’s love, he is.

Eunhyuk,Super Junior

Source: Eunhyuk’s CY
Taken by denny_liz@sj-world.net

I don’t really understand what he’s talking about :/. I’m just excited ‘cos he typed in English :DDD.

I’m glad he’s updating in the afternoon, rather than at 2am at night. Hyukkie <3.

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