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SHINee’s ‘Scar’

My reactions:

First listen – Emmmmm, the song’s ok, I guess.

Second listen  – Hmmm, this is actually a pretty nice song.

Third listen – Okay wtheck was wrong with me before?? I LOVE THIS SONG!!1!

Credit: XxtenerifexX

Shall go listen for the fourth time now. And fifth. And probably sixth too XDD.


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This post is a result of being frustrated at my comment for not being published on windowwatcher’s wp. I tried a gazillion times, but wp just hates me and won’t let the comment be posted. So I decided to post my two cents here instead since I have nothing better to do actually I do :( Uni sucks like that and um, I just like everyone to know what I think :).

Shallowness ensues!

Okay, let me do this and see how unbiased it turns out to be :D.


1. Sungmin (SJH days are love. Sorry Sorry hair was also great. And Don’t Don days were so badass, there just wasn’t anything to not love. Oh, might as well put this in; U days weren’t too shabby either. I think his debut look was one of the best out of the members as well <3. Ok, I love pretty much all his images, kay?)
2. Donghae (Cute boy-ish looks appeal to me more)
3. Kyuhyun (Great looks, great vocals, and attempts to do a Hyuk XD. What more is there to love about this boy? *__*)
4. Ryeowook (I don’t particularly like what he did to his hair for Sorry Sorry, but EHB and second half of SJM days were too much love <33. And well, I like his sharp features *O*)
5. Siwon (Handsome, yes, but cuties appeal to me more <3)
6. Leeteuk
7. Kibum (Not now. DEFINITELY NOT NOW. SJFH days were much better)
8. Han Geng
9. Heechul
10. Eunhyuk (Like you windowwatcher said, it’s his personality + looks which make him more attractive looking.)
11. Kangin
12. Yesung (I think his U days was his worst. U was the first mv I watched and I was all o____o” at him in the mv.)
13. Shindong

Now for DBSK :)

1. Changmin *__* (the more I look at him, the more handsome (handsomer?) he looks <3. Oh and I just contradicted what I said about Siwon >__>)
2. Jaejoong (too pretty not to like)
3. Yunho
4. Junsu
5. Yoochun

Wow, DBSK was so much easier then SJ. Oh the things I do for my obsession XD.

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