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SJH~ I never knew the boys did a fansign. And they look so fine too *__*. Shindong isn’t here though, for some reason.

Ahhh, the dorkiness that is SJ XD. I heart these boys to no end ♥♥.

Super Junior H

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I love it already and I’ve only listened to 49 seconds of the song. Yay for non-faily Yoochun rap :DDD! Lovelovelove the Chun-English at the beginning, despite slightly lol-ing at the fact that he almost always starts off a song with English. At least it makes sense this time XDD. And Jae’s voice! So sweet and beautiful – his adlibs at the beginning were wonderful *-*.

Credit: farahyuchun3

And! How insanely beautiful are the covers?! ♥♥♥

CD version                                 DVD version
DBSK,Jaejoong,Yoochun DBSK,Jaejoong,Yoochun

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Yunho’s drama previews

So, hawt soccer player vs. half-naked Yunho vs. dorky Yunho; which one do you pick? XDDD

Credit: dirah9303

Second preview

The first episode will be aired on September 9th. If I’m really honest though, I don’t think the drama plot looks all that interesting. At least, it doesn’t appeal to me. Still, JUNG YUHO IS ACTING IN IT, so that’s good enough of a reason to watch it, y/y? ^^

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